Makeup Vanities For Teens

If you think that your teenager is ready to get a make up vanity, then there are some things that you should really consider. The first is what kind of table you should get. There is such a wide variety of makeup vanities on the market, that it’s hard to always know which type is better for someone.

One thing is for certain, she will need one that has a lot of storage space. This is because most teenage girls have very large and ever growing collections of make up, much more than their mothers usually have on average. You will need to get one that can accommodate her collection and that has enough room for her to organize it well, so that she can easily find just the right blush brush or lip liner that she is looking for.

Another thing you should consider is style. She might be into things that are really funky and trendy right now, but you want to get her a vanity table that she will be happy to use when she is older and more mature. A vanity that worked perfectly in a teen’s room can be a bit out of place in an adult’s bedroom, so think ahead while you are looking at all of the different styles that makeup vanities come in.

You also of course need to consider price. You are not used to buying furniture for a teen, so it might seem to be a bit of a big expense, but remember that she will be using it in the future as well, for many years to come. Quality is important, so don’t get something that is badly made just to save on costs. You should be able to find a lovely table that is less than $150 at most stores.

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