Making Healthy Snacks With a Mini Donut Maker

Everyone who enjoys cooking would agree that no kitchen is complete without a home portable hand mixer. Sure you could have one of the super hydro charged mixers but for all practical purposes and uses the portable hand mixers suits most everyones needs. There is no huge production getting it out and setup, its light and easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. The cord detaches on many models and the blades pop off making them easy to clean. They come in all different horsepowers, with different speed adjustments and best of all they are very, very affordable. So if you need a good, safe, affordable mixer to make your batter light and fluffy, to make whip cream and bring those egg whites to a stiff peak then a good home portable hand mixer is the kitchen utensil you need to have. It saves on the wrist and arm muscles hand over fist over using a whip or a spoon, no more counting strokes just turn it on to the needed speed and watch while the batter comes to the right texture and density.

Along with your portable hand mixer for making pancakes for breakfast or dinner that are light and fluffy you can make mini donuts with a mini donut maker. Safe enough for the kids to use, no more having to say, no, we cant make donuts because the need to be so very careful with the hot oil that is needed for deep frying them. With a mini donut maker its so easy the kids can make donuts while you make the pancakes. So now you can make light, fluffy cake donuts in your own home. Easy to clean and easy to make fresh, warm cake donuts for breakfast or for a quick after school treat. The donuts are ready in just minutes and they are much healthier for you and your family since there is no heavy oil from deep-frying.

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