How to Clean a Mattress, Tips and Advises for Mattress Care.

Clean mattress on a bedIt will be quite appropriate to consider a good mattress as a big investment, considering how expensive it is these days. Having invested in one, it is expected to last for years, but you can’t deny the fact that any item of daily use needs to be cared properly and does need some degree of maintenance.

Here are a few steps to keep your bed free from getting dirty or damaged. You’ll also find the necessary remedial measure in the unfortunate incident of its getting damaged or dirty and the general maintenance that you can afford for its prolonged useful life.

Getting a good cover

First preventive measure for keeping your new mattress in good shape is to provide it with a cover of good quality. You are going to use it daily; a good quality cove will certainly pay for itself. And, in any case the cost of the cover is negligible, compared to the bed that one doesn’t afford to change so frequently.

Mattresses need to be protected from moisture of all kinds. So, naturally one is inclined to enquire where all the sweat does go while we are asleep.

Of course, it has no other way to go but the mattress. The cover acts as a barrier between the mattress and the occupier of bed. It absorbs all the moisture before it can trickle down to the bed. That also reduces the normal wear and tear of the mattress.

How to clean

If by any chance the moisture does gain entry, you must immediately make efforts to soak up the excess of liquid before trying to clean it. Once this part has been taken care of, you should use a good quality fabric cleaner and rub the affected area. Using such a mattress before it has thoroughly dried is most undesirable and has to be avoided at all costs.

You may dry it under the fan, allowing as much of fresh air as possible to circulate in its surroundings.

It’s not healthy to be using a wet mattress that is liable to get moldy and may begin to rot without your realizing it. Having dried the mattress, sprinkle some baking powder on that and vacuum it after 24 hours. The baking powder is to eliminate any odors that might get developed because of the spillage.

What else?

Another measure that you can take to prolong the life of your bed is to ensure that it doesn’t bear and wear partially in certain areas. The best and most convenient way to avoid its wearing in limited areas is to keep rotating and flipping it periodically. A simple way to remember which way you turned it last time is by using a marker to make a mark on a corner.

New mattress, pillow and a small bear

These simple and inexpensive measures, if followed regularly and occasional vacuuming of your mattress will help you extract most from your expensive mattress while you continue to use it for a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

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