Modern and Practical Options for Showers

Your shower can be the focus of your bathroom. Although the impulse is typically to hide a bathtub area behind a shower curtain, you can display your modern shower enclosure with pride. There are several options on the market for modern showers that you will want to show off, but it can be overwhelming to choose from the many styles available. The best place to start is to consider the type of shower doors that will work best for you bathroom, both in terms of aesthetic as well as space efficiency.

The type of shower door that saves the most space is bi fold shower doors. Since each door only measures half the width the opening, the door swing takes up a lot less floor space. That extra floor space that you would otherwise have had to maintain for your shower door’s swing is now free for other plumbing fixtures, or simply for you to preserve as open space. Most bi fold doors don’t cost more than their standard door width counterparts.

Another option for you to consider as a part of your modern bathroom design is frameless neo angle shower doors. A neo angle shower is a separate unit with three sides, two glazed and one that serves as a door. The unit rests on top of a prefabricated base that typically sits into the corner of your bathroom, which is a big space saver. Since the doors are frameless, more light is allowed to pass through, which ultimately makes your bathroom feel larger. These units are also easier to clean since you don’t have to scrub into crevices between the glass and frame. Instead, the glass panels that enclose your shower are cleanly held in place with metal clips that attach to the wall, ceiling or the shower base.

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