Modern Bathroom Sinks’ Options

Bathroom sink with blue accessoriesWhen it comes to bathroom sinks, lack of selection is never an issue. It does not matter what style of sink or what kind of decor is going into the room, you will have no lack of choices in bathroom sinks. The modern bathroom theme has become popular in recent years, and the idea itself has a bit of conflict.

Some people believe the modern bathroom concept means everything in the room must be hi-tech and ultra functional, even if the core pieces of the bathroom are old fashioned. This goes for everything from the flooring right up to the bathroom lighting.

Others believe the concept means everything must be of new design with sleek, clean looks. The good news is it does not matter what everyone else thinks. Your bathroom can be whatever your definition of modern is.

What choice do we have?

With that in mind, let’s consider choices in modern bathroom sinks. if you are one of those people we talked about who want the sleek, clean look, you might consider a clear glass bathroom sink. This is about as sleek as you can get, and it definitely will give off a modern feel. Glass sinks also come in more colorful varieties, like glass mosaic sinks or glass sinks that have an all over bright color. Of course, we go back to what it means to have a modern bathroom, and you have to make that decision for yourself.

One of the most popular choices in any kind of sink is the stainless steel under-mount bathroom sink. The reason these are so popular is because they seem to go well with any style choice you might put in the room. The good thing about that is if you change decor and overall bathroom theme, you can keep the sink and chances are it is going to go fine with whatever you have put in the room.

Another sleek look that could be considered modern is that of a porcelain sink. Porcelain has been the old standby for bathroom sink for many years. but the right choice in this kind of sink can accent the rest of your modern bathroom choices.

There are some other sink choices to consider, like copper sinksCopper sinks are probably not many people who would think of these as a modern bathroom sink, but we have already established that the definition of the term is open to interpretation. In general though, this kind of sink gives off more of a rustic feel, but as beautiful as they are, they should at least get a look to see if they match your feel for the room.

Small Bathroom Sink Options

Small bathroom sinkWhen rehabbing your bathroom, you are faced with a lot of different challenges. But if you are rehabbing a small bathroom, the challenges are even greater. You have the same needs as far as function, but it all has to be packed into a smaller room. One of the key functional needs is the bathroom sink.

The good news is there are tons of different small bathroom sinks available today, and most of the can be found right here online. Just because it is a small bathroom sink does not mean you have to sacrifice any of the function or wow factor style you have planned for it.

Any sink you have seen available for any other type of room is also available as a sink for small bathroom. If you want something modern or minimalist like a clear glass sink, there are many different versions available. Or, if you want something more bold like a glass mosaic bathroom sink, or a copper sink, there are plenty of those too.

Once you have decided on the mount type of sink you want, you will have to pick out a small bathroom sink cabinet. The type of cabinet will depend on the type of sink. For example, if you choose a vessel sink you need one type of cabinet, but if you want to go with an undermount sink you will need an entirely different vanity cabinet.

Pedestal sinks

There is at least one type of sink that does not require a sink cabinet. If you decide to install a small bathroom pedestal sink, you will not need to worry about the sink cabinet. Pedestal sinks mount on top of a tall thin pedestal, usually made of porcelain or glass. These can be very decorative, but they do not have any under sink storage so you really have to do proper planning for your storage needs prior to making this selection.

When you have made the decision as to what sink you want and are ready to find it, you can do it right here online. There is no reason to drive around from store to store when all the information, and the best prices, are available to you from the comfort of your own home. Just be sure to get a good warranty, and free shipping!

Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Bathroom vessel sinkIn contemporary bathroom design, vessel sinks have become increasingly popular over the past few years, combining warm visual appeal with modern design concepts. Bathroom vessel sinks add a significant level of style and elegance to any home, eliminating the drab feel of standard bathroom sinks and replacing it with one of graceful purity.

Most vessel sinks resemble works of pottery, giving the illusion of a bowl sitting atop your bathroom counter. Unlike traditional pottery, however, manufacturers can design these elegant sinks from a wide variety of sturdy yet eye appealing materials. Materials such as marble or granite require a certain level of care and maintenance, and others such as glass or copper may only fit in with a specific motif. Being that vessel sinks evoke a specific design style, the construction material should be kept in mind to keep with the general character of the bathroom in which the sink will be situated.


Plumbing and faucets are often issues to consider when installing vessel sinks in your bathroom. With vessel sinks, there are two appropriate types of faucets – wall-mounted or counter-top mounted. In either design choice, faucet height and water pressure will need to be addressed, since too great a height or too high of water pressure will create significant water splash. If placement is too low, you risk not having room to use the sink for its intended purpose.

Both choices have their own plumbing issues:

  • Wall-mounted requires the plumbing to come through the wall and counter-top mounted will have the plumbing come up through the cabinetry.
  • A wall-mounted faucet has the advantage of allowing for placement at any height, whereas a counter-top faucet is easily switched out as the owner sees fit.
  • Glass sinks or others made of translucent materials require that the sink sit atop the counter rather being recessed.
  • If a glass bowl were used for a recessed sink, the plumbing would be clearly visible in the cabinet below.

As with any home improvement, the aesthetic advantages must always be weighed against the practical implications. With the right planning and care, bathroom vessel sinks provide a beautiful improvement to any home.

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