Modern Home Accessorizing With Fire Tables And Fire Glass

Is the look of your home in a rut? Are you tired of the floral water sculpture in your backyard that’s gone dull with time? Many landscaping and interior home designs just don’t offer the originality, edge, or modern look that lots of homeowners out there are looking for these days.

If you are looking for designs and furniture accessories for both indoors and out that reflect your individuality, then a custom fire table or fire pit might be just your style. Fire tables are a hot trend in luxury hotels and upscale bars, and are now available to homeowners who want to give a chic, original look to their home. Many water fountains and water sculptures have an archaic, traditional look that is not always desirable, but adding fire tables and fire pits to your interior or exterior design can really add some warmth and spice to your home design.

Some of you may be wondering what a fire table is exactly. Well, you may have seen them at your favorite fashionable bar. They are unique, custom designed tables with glass top surfaces that shoot fire out in different shapes and designs. They are made of various materials, including cut stone and copper, and have several cool fire designs that you can choose from which makes the fire table truly reflect your taste. Peace signs, sun fire rays, and Yin and Yang symbols are just a few of the designs you can find.

Fire pits also give a unique, lounge type atmosphere and warm ambiance to backyard landscapes. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, and have a magnetic appeal, making great backyard hangout spots. Your friends and guests will gravitate toward your fire table or fire pit.

Another fire accessory that is great for the interior of your home is something known as a urban fire glass. Fireplaces have always been terrific places to cozy up and spend quality time by, and now with fire glass you can make them even more spellbinding. This glass accessory replaces traditional fire logs and creates a stunning colored fire blaze. It is composed of tempered glass made to withstand high-temperature heat for long periods of time. The chips come in many colors and sizes which make unique and intricate fire patterns.

So, if you are looking for some unique and modern ways to accessorize anything from your backyard and garden or pool area to your living room or family room space, think about the great look that fire tables, fire pits, fire glass and other fire-related accessories can add to your home. In today’s modern decorating schemes, fire is truly hot!

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