More Recycling Tips For Your Home

In today’s world recycling has become an everyday part of life. Where we would have once simply thrown all our rubbish away now the local councils supply at least three different bins, one for our normal rubbish, one for recycling and another bin for green gardening waste. This system has helped cut down on waste going to landfill and many items that go out with recycling are turned into new and different products. Turning your home into an environmentally friendly haven is not as difficult as you might think. Having solar panels for your home are a step in the right direction as well as taking care to separate your rubbish before you throw it out. Having a green home can even help you if you are thinking about selling. Conveyancing services can discuss all these matters with you.

Recycling bin

Your council should provide you will a recycling bin, as well as your normal rubbish bin. Make sure that when you use it that you do it properly. Certain items are not to go into recycling bins, things like plastic bags or bin liners, nappies, window glass or light globes, broken glass or ceramics, waxed cardboard, polystyrene, car parts, clothing or carpet. It is also important to remove lids from jars and milk containers and wash any food remains out of containers. Items you can recycle include aluminium and steel cans, milk and juice cartons, glass bottles and jars, foil, paper, telephone books, newspapers and magazines, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and plastic containers with the right codes on them. The right ones include those with any of the numbers 1 through to 7. Make sure you crush boxes so you have more space and don’t tie newspapers or magazines with string.

Food waste

You don’t have to throw all your food waste into the rubbish. Set up a compost bin in your back garden or start a worm farm. The food scraps in your compost bin will eventually break down and you will be able to put it onto your garden as fertilizer. You can also put your lawn trimmings and other garden waste in the compost. A worm farm is also a great way to get rid of food scraps and create a natural fertilizer for your garden. Worms like to eat things like fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags and tea leaves, egg shells, soil and leaves and even paper. You can’t put in meat, bones or animal fat, citrus fruits, dairy products or onions, tomatoes or chilies.

Other recycling

You can take your old mobile phones in to be recycled and also your printer cartridges and toner bottles. Recycling can include any old clothes that you no longer wear or need, which you can take to your local opportunity shop. Any old books or magazines can be donated to your local library or nursing home. Any toys your children have grown out of could be given to the local playgroup or kindergarten.

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