Must Do’s Before Starting Water Damage Repair

Water is the major cause of problems in the basement and the two most usual problems are condensation build-up and water seeping in through its floors and walls. These problems can worsen if not given the attention it needs and this in turn can cause much more serious health related issues. That is why it is important to maintain a waterproof basement. However, before you address the problem it is also important that you first determine whether your basement has leakage problem or moisture problem.

A quick procedure to determine the problem of your basement is to tape a piece of tin foil or plastic to the wall where you think the water is seeping in.It is important that you tape all sides of the plastic or the tin foil and leave it there for two days or so. Upon checking it after a couple of days, take note where the moisture is located. When the beads of moisture is in between the foil and the wall then there is leak seeping through your wall. However, if there is moisture outside of the plastic or the tin foil, then your basement has moisture problems.

Most of us do not know that the major contributor of moisture creation in the air is actually the living habits of a family. It is important that we have proper ventilation installed in our homes so that moisture issues will be avoided.Basic things and activities that can add moisture into our surroundings are: clothes lines, dew in the air, showers, and cooking. When you have showers in your basement it is critical that you put proper ventilation on them.

Ground water can contribute to moisture in the basement as well. Most of us have experienced water seeping in from the floors or the walls of our basement and when this happens, it is called water pressure. Water can then penetrate through the floor or walls when it has cracked the foundation.Before you can start your water damage repair however it is first important that you go outside the house and check why and how does the water get in so that you will know how to start with your basement water damage repair.

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