My Media Console Selection Process

Media consoles come in many shapes and sizes and designs and price ranges. Finding the right one for you and your family may not be as difficult as you might think. You know that you need to set some priorities and determine your requirements to make this selection.

What are the most important considerations in making a media console selection?

As I said, media console furniture offers a wide selection. You will need to know specifically what you want as you start and as options as presented to you , you can fine tune what you actually want or need. You will need to know the weight of your TV especially if it is one of the larger LCD TVs or Plasma screen TVs. The load bearing weight should be on any documentation for furniture that you are considering. Obviously, a solid wood media console or a steel and glass console will support more weight than most particle board pieces of furniture. This will go for a free standing console or a corner media console.

Your budget considerations will determine for the most part what your selection range will be. Design and functionality or ease of use rank high on the list of priorities for most people. Design will not be discussed here as it is mostly a matter of personal taste and is perhaps limited by furniture that you have already which you wish to match.

One thing to note is that your media console does not have to hold your TV like a typical TV stand or a TV shelf. You can have it under your wall mounted TV screen (using television brackets for the mounting), and it can house your audio- visual products leaving the top horizontal surface free for other items. TV wall brackets like Plasma TV brackets or TV brackets for LCD TVs offer several advantages beyond that. You can place your TV higher on the wall and tilt it for maximum viewing. Also they allow you to pivot the TV in different directions to take advantage of different viewing areas at different times.IF this is something which intrigues you, you might also be interested in checking out a flat screen ceiling mount or a LCD TV ceiling mount to complete the style you are creating.

You will need to know the outside dimensions of the cabinet to see how it would fit into your home. You will need to know the inside dimensions to see if your components will fit inside. Is the shelving adjustable in a manner that will fit your components? You will want to know about ventilation considerations and about cable and wire management considerations. When researching the best solution for your media console needs, check out the local retail outlets to get a feel for what is out there and what you want. Then you can get on the internet and shop at online stores. There is a lot of information that is easily accessible. Particularly helpful are the customer reviews of the products offered. These reviews will give you a real feel for what is important to the satisfaction of the buyers. They will give feedback if shelves sag or parts do not fit or if they have other regrets about their purchase, such as a smell that lingers for weeks after construction. They are the about the only source of information on how clear instructions are for building the unit. Confusing instructions are a major area of disappointment for many buyers. There are some companies that actually have instructions and manuals online, but you have to check that out. For media consoles that are to be assembled at home, check out if there is online support for the building process. Also check out if there is a warranty for missing parts or for damaged parts. You will also want to know shipping times. Some outlets offer free shipping to either your local store or to your home.

Your consideration of the concerns listed above will pay off in your satisfaction.

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