Narcissus flower

The narcissus is a relative of the daffodil that flowers in the spring. Unlike most spring bulbs they don’t need a period of cold in order to bloom, that makes them ideal for indoor growing. They can be forced to bloom indoors year round where there sweet scent is a welcome addition to any home.

In most climates the narcissus needs to be planted in the fall however in warmer climates it will need to be stored in a cool location over the winter and planted again in the spring. They like soil that is rich in nutrients and is well drained, as well as a lot of sunlight, although they can do alright in areas that are partially shaded. When planting they should be spread out with about six inches between plants and they should be buried about three inches deep.

Maintenance is relatively straightforward, the faded flowers should be deadheaded but the foliage should be allowed to die where it is. This will help keep the bulb healthy and improve next years bloom. During the fall it may be necessary to dig up your narcissus bulbs and either plant them so they are more spaced out or to put them in a pot of peat moss so they can be stored in a cool area. If you want to harvest flowers for arrangements the time to do it just as the first or two flowers start to appear. You will want to do this by cutting off the bottom of the stem.

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