Natural Slate Tile Works Well Both Inside and Outside

With all of the beautiful natural materials for tiling available, it can often be difficult to decide which one to use. However, a good choice is natural stone slate tile for almost anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. A nice thing about this type of tile is its versatility, not only in color, but also in how it can be used. It is durable and very easy to cut, and those two characteristics make it a viable option for the home.

People often put slate floor tile in the kitchen for its durability, and also for the beauty of its color, which has a natural tone in a variety of earthy colors. Often a single color is used throughout, or a few different colors of slate are combined to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.

Again, because of its durability, it works well in bathrooms where the slate tile may encounter more stress and use. Slate is naturally slip resistant, so it works well around water, where some of the other natural stones may be dangerous because they get too slippery.

Just as it works well around showers and tubs, natural slate tile works great outdoors. It is, of course, weather resistant being a natural stone, and because of its slip resistance, is safe to use around pools or other water features.

It looks beautiful on a patio, as all of the natural colors will mimic nature’s beauty around it and the tile is also a great way to surround your inground pool. And natural slate tile is so durable and weather resistant that it is even used as a roofing material on some homes.

The variations of natural stone slate tile really make it a stunning stone to work with. It is formed naturally with layers of colors that vary within the stone. Many of the colors found in nature are found in this stone, ranging from deep blacks and dark grays to reddish golds.

The surface of natural slate tile can vary like the color, and can range from polished and smooth to a rugged, uneven look. With the beauty, the durability, and the versatility of this stone, slate is a great option for many places both outside and inside the home.

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