Neem Oil Insecticide

One thing that farmers or growers can’t avoid at times are insects devouring their crops. It’s understood that plants and vegetables are a part of an insect’s food chain. In the past, people would deal with this problem by spraying chemicals on their crops. This would do the trick since the insects would die in a couple of minutes after spraying them.

The problem is people are now aware of the effects chemical pesticides have on plants. Not only does it damage the quality of the plants and soil, but it is also harmful to people who consume crops that have been sprayed with insecticides. This has led many consumers and growers to become wary of using chemicals to kill off insects.

A Better Way of Getting Rid of Bugs

This opted manufacturers to look for a better and safer way of protecting vegetables from insects. One of the safest and most effective ways of doing this is using Neem Oil insecticide. It is guaranteed to be safe on your crops, and more importantly safe for you and your family.

Not as Fast, But Definitely More Effective

Unlike traditional insecticides that promise consumers to kill bugs instantly, Neem Oil insecticide takes some time to notice the effect it has on bugs. The ingredients used in this insecticide are so advanced that it comes in the form of hormones that only bugs can pick up and absorb in their system.

This already ensures that your plants and you will not be affected in any way once you apply it. Another amazing thing about Neem Oil insecticide is what happens to these bugs once these hormones are absorbed by these bugs.

The Effect of Neem Oil on Pests

Once the hormones have entered the system of these insects, it starts to affect their bodily functions in major ways. The bugs forget their need to eat, and thus starve themselves to death. This means you don’t have to worry about the pests eating your plants ever again because they lose their appetite.

Another great thing that happens is Neem oil insecticide also serves as a repellent for other bugs who haven’t been affected by the application. If other bugs plan to pay your plants a visit, the insecticide will ward these critters away. This eliminates your need for re-application every month, especially if you live in insect-infested areas.

The best thing about this revolutionary insecticide is it also alters the bug’s ability to reproduce or mate. Not only does it kill off the bugs, but it also ensures these pesky pests won’t be around ever again.

Effectiveness and safety Guaranteed

Neem oil insecticide truly takes care of the issues that pesticides would usually bring upon plants and plant owners. You won’t have to worry about the consequences of using insecticide on your plants anymore. It may not be as fast as other chemicals, but it will ensure long term results of bug-free plants that are safe for your plants or vegetables as well.

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