Neofinetia is a genus of orchids in the family Orchidaceae, comprising three species. The three species are, Neof. richarsiana, Neof. xichangnensis and Neof. falcata. Neofinetia is native to China, Korea and Japan. The genus is named after Achille Finet (1862-1913), a French botanist.

Neofinetia is a epiphytic monopodial with alternating terete leaves. Some species have variegated leaves and are cultivated as much for the foliage and also for the flowers. The plants are generally small, about 15 cm tall, freely branching and forms multiple clumps at the axils of lower leaves. Flowering period is from late summer to autumn. Most species produce snow white flowers on short spikes, but some have flowers that are of pink or yellowing hue. The flowers are fragrant, especially in the evening, and the length of spur is variable among species. Neofinetia can be grown in a small pot or basket, in a medium of tree fern or bark mix.

Neofinetia falcata is also known as Samurai orchid, wind orchid, Fu-ran ( wind orchid in Japanese) and Fuki-ran (‘Rich and noble orchid’ in Japanese). It grows well in moderate to strong indirect light, 1000-1500 foot candles, humid conditions and require excellent drainage. It produces flowers that are sweetly scented.

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