Nerite Snail Eggs or White Dots (Spots) on it’s Shell and in Fish Tank.

Nerite snail eggs - black racer, zebra, tiger

If you have Nerite snails in your fish tank, one day you may discover white dots on it’s shell, driftwood and glass of your aquarium. Usually snail owners think of everything but eggs. Yep, there are different kinds white spots that may turn out as a disease or some shell problems. But when it comes to white dots all over the fish tank, then you can be sure, that it’s your Nerite snail is laying eggs 🙂

Bad news

Nerite snails are very beautiful, those are Black Racer, Tiger and Zebra. But if you think of appearance of your fish tank, it’s important to know – eggs will be everywhere. If your female snail loves the water and happy with her life, she will lay lots of eggs, even on other snails, like Mystery snails. Fist of all, just to make sure, that those dots are really eggs, have a look at the pictures, these are in my snail tank. Oh yep, I have a snail tank 🙂

Nerite snail eggs like white dots, spots

And one more photo:

White dots or eggs on nerite snails zebra, black racer and tiger

Good news

After all said, you may regret of having a Nerite snail, but really, those eggs look more like a decoration, i am ok with them ( for now, ha ha ). Good news is that in freshwater eggs stay eggs, no baby snails. Eggs hatch only in salty water. Useful to know, if you want to breed them. More information on Nerite snails – are in my other articles. What will happen to the eggs then? They should dissolve in water after some time, though looks like it may take from 1 month to 1 year 🙂 By the way, Nerite snail lifespan is about 1 year also.

As an option

White dots, spots on Nerite snail

As an option, you can get male Nerite snails, they will not lay eggs but will be a great decoration and cleaning service in your fish tank. Another thing – according to reviews of snail owners, some of Nerites lay very little eggs or don’t lay them at all. Pleco fish may eat them as well.

And a short video:

If you have experience with Nerite eggs and breeding them, share it in comments, it will help others a lot! Thank you and feel free to ask your questions as well.

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