Oh Dear! We Need Some Deer Repellents

Seeing deer in your yard may be exciting at first … until you see the damage they leave behind. They graze on your landscaping plants, flowers and vegetables in your garden, and even your trees.Deer Repellents

To control the damage in your yard, you need to use effective deer repellents. Read on to find out the best deer combination of control strategies to keep these animal intruders out your yard and landscaping.

Deer Repellents in Liquid Form

One of the most common methods of deer control is using ready to use spray deer repellents.

The most effective deer repellents work by targeting both the deer’s highly sensitive taste buds and scent detection. Using a deer repellent with this combination is key. Many deer repellents only target one of these senses. To get the best protection, choose a deer repellant that targets both.

Here are some other things to look for when choosing a ready to use liquid deer repellent:

Weather-resistant: choose one that can last up to 3 months, offering long protection means less time and money spent on reapplication
OMRI-listed and compliant for use in organic gardening: this means you’ll be able to use it anywhere – even to protect your precious garden vegetables
Main ingredients are putrescent eggs and capsaicin: the former mimics the smell of rotting animals, which makes the deer think a predator is nearby, while the latter gives you the spicy taste irritant needed to stop even the most persistent deer.
Doesn’t leave a visible film or residue: you don’t want a deer repellant to change the color of your plants and foliage

Motion Detector Sprinklers as Deer Repellents

A less known but highly effective method of keeping deer out of your yard is by using a motion detector sprinkler.

There are sprinklers on the market today designed specifically to keep a variety of animals at bay, from deer to cats.

They work by immediately detecting the animal and then repel by releasing a quick burst of water, noise, and movement. The combination of these factors startles the deer, scaring it away from your yard. This type of tool not only works quickly and effectively, but it trains the animal to avoid your yard overtime.

Look for motion detector sprinklers that use infrared technology to sense both heat and movement from animals of all sizes. Ideally, the sprinkler should be powerful enough to protect up to 1,000 square feet.

Motion detector sprinklers are really easy to install. All you need to do is insert the battery, hook up your garden hose to it, and stake it in the ground. Now there are even hose-free options which you can place anywhere Meaning you don’t have to worry about having a hose attachment nearby the area you want to protect.

Deer Repellents that Are Shocking

Another form of effective deer control is an electronic deer repellent that herds the animal away, training it not to return using static shock. Electronic deer repellents give the deer a mild static shock, sending the animal running in the other direction.

What’s great about electronic deer repellent systems is they work like an electric fence, but without using wires and obtrusive fencing. Plus, this solution can be used and is effective year-round – winter, summer, it doesn’t matter the temperature!

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