Options to beautify your home with wall fountains

For centuries, outdoor fountains like garden fountain have been a popular choice to ornate an outdoor space like a courtyard, but when modern designing and landscaping have changed and greatly improved the fountains found there way being placed indoors also to serve as grand décor structures.

Artists contributed a lot for fountain structures to evolve and they were responsible for creating a wider range of fountain options. One fountain option are wall fountains that are distinguished for having to require a wall or a flat vertical surface and an adequate support base for them to be securely mounted.

Modern transitional designs require them to be pushed back against the wall for easier and faster installations. It is the materials that make up these fountains that bring out its uniqueness and stylish presence. Granites and other concrete materials usually are the materials used on these fountains that make them tough enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

A perfect example is the Sussex Wall Fountain that has a rough texture because of its structure that is made up of bluish granites and other stones. Sunflowers were added into it to highlight the outdoor surrounding. Marble is also considered for these kinds of fountains since its smooth and delicate finish will allow the water to flow and glide easily.

The natural and synthetic compound called resin is also used as a material because of its durability. Comparable to the granite’s ability to adapt and withstand various weather conditions, metals are also used in making wall fountains. Metals in thin sheets are creatively shaped into animate and inanimate objects that would act as accents to the overall structure of the fountain.

Another fountain option is copper wall fountains that come in elegant shapes and amplify the water pattern. Usually water flows from a spigot or a valve into a basin that would catch it below. Best for both indoor and outdoor use, this fountain compliments the appearance of the flowing, transparent water since copper has the ability to bring out more or to further highlight the natural colors of earth and nature.

One could actually take notice of the “purity” of the water flowing one from basin into another. Although copper is known to discolor after a few years, it develops a lovely and attractive patina overtime that could still give it an impressive appeal. On the other hand, those stainless steel fountains are another fountain structures that are capable of increasing or strengthening the water pattern.

As the material would apparently imply, these kinds of fountains can outlast harsh weather elements. They do not succumb to corrosion and deterioration brought about by the chemical reactions between water and metal. These fountains give that modern touch into anyone’s living room spaces and they are paired with slate and glass to achieve a look that is fresh and simple yet elegant.

Some also come with a translucent glass that serves as the guide where the water will flow. One kind of fountain that you should not be missing as well are the tabletop fountains that are very ideal for small houses and actually can be placed practically in every room and corner of the house like the living area, the dining hall, the kitchen, the bedrooms and even in bathrooms for that trendy look!

The most common materials that are used in making such fountains include small and medium-sized stones, bamboo splits or artificial grass, pebbles and even seashells. These materials promote an earthly feel for the room’s ambiance. Materials such as glass or slate create a more modernized effect.

Whatever type of fountain you want to introduce into a specific area or room in your house, take into consideration certain elements or materials since these play a vital part in contributing to the look of the place. Whether earthly or futuristic, it is also important to take notice the water flow balance in every chosen element.

This simply means that you should always look at the big picture – your target space – then the materials of the fountain, and lastly the water flow that makes the whole picture alive and balanced. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, fountains in general will absolutely fish for attention and depending on the design and structure will compel the viewer to blurt out one a complimentary line or two.

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