Orchids flower

Most gardeners are intimidated by orchids and don’t even attempt to grow them. They can be a challenge for even experienced gardeners especially since they don’t really do well in most climates. They are also quite expensive so many people don’t feel that they can justify the cost on a plant that is very likely to not survive. However if you make the effort to learn how to care for them it is entirely possible to grow your own orchids, and well worth the effort.

Orchids have the same basic requirements as any other plant, they need water, sunlight and fertilizer, the problem is that they are much more sensitive than other plants and too little or too much of any of these things will likely kill them. When watering it is important to do it every day and add just a little at a time, they like damp soil but not wet soil. When it comes to fertilizer you will want to buy a brand that is specifically intended for orchids and follow the instructions carefully. You can determine if your orchid is getting the right amount of sunlight by looking at the leaves, if they are dark green it needs more light if they are reddish it is getting too much light.

Orchids are a temperamental plant that have earned their reputation as being difficult to care for. That being said once you get the hang of it they really don’t require that much attention. The key to success is simply learning how to care for them properly and establishing a routine.

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