Organic lawn fertilizer

When it comes to your lawn, obviously you want the best looking lawn you can get. You want a lawn that stays healthy and green, preferably with as little assistance from you as possible. One of the most important tools in lawn care is fertilizer. Sure, you can just scatter grass seed and hope for the best. You might actually get something that looks like a lawn. But fertilizer not only provides nutrients, it helps toughen and strengthen your grass against diseases and natural predators like bugs.

The primary controversy about lawn care fertilizers chiefly seems to be the use of organic lawn fertilizer versus standard products. Organic lawn fertilizer utilizes all natural products and ingredients, and in recent years, some concern have been raised regarding the use of standard fertilizers which may have chemical ingredients that can be harmful to the environment, and to wildlife as well as to people.

Organic lawn fertilizers are produced naturally from the byproducts, waste products or remains of an animal or organism. Ground cotton seed, sewage and manure are common ingredients in organic fertilizers. There are no chemicals whatsoever in an organic fertilizer. Even the process by which it is made utilizes all natural ingredients and products.

Organic lawn fertilizers can be effective because they are high in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, which are all important to plant growth. Organic fertilizers also offer the advantage of less possible damage done to the environment. In these eco-friendly times this is swiftly gaining in popularity.

Chemical fertilizers are typically made up of plant nutrients that are produced artificially from inorganic products or ingredients. Many chemical fertilizers contain acids, which can stunt the growth of the very plants they are trying to help along. Chemical fertilizers also deplete the soil of its natural nutrients faster than an organic choice would.

Organic lawn fertilizers are usually cheaper than their standard counterparts. Proponents of chemical fertilizers argue that the high concentrations of nitrogen and potassium strip the soil faster then their products do. They claim that their products are more effective over a longer period of time.

Many companies that make standard fertilizer have made some changes to their products in an effort to make them more eco-friendly. However, the ingredients are still artificial, and can still harm other plants and animals. The ingredients from standard fertilizers also leach into the ground water through the soil and can cause illness and sickness that way. Organic lawn fertilizer breaks down into its natural components in the soil and eventually become a part of it.

While standard fertilizers can be effective at treating a problem, the risks clearly outweigh the benefits. Many studies have clearly shown the harm these products can have on the environment and the people and animals who have to share that environment. So think of that next time you pick up that bag of Scott’s lawn care. Consider the children who might be playing on your lawn. Or your dog. Then think again and go get something that isn’t going to poison the very ground you walk on.

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