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A beautiful backyard and garden takes time and great effort to cultivate and most of that effort is spent on weed control. Weeds are unwanted plants that grow in your garden. They are like pests, overcrowding other plants and taking away nutrients, water and light. The simplest method to kill these harmful plants is by pulling them out. But many people do not have the time or the patience it takes to do this effectively. Thus, the most effective way of removing weeds is by hiring a professional weed control service.

There are many companies that offer professional advice and services to help you maintain your lawn and garden, including weed control services and pest control services. Apart from gardens, they also may offer lawn weed control and maintenance for your grass.

There are many ways to stop weeds from overrunning your garden and many types of landscape supplies that you can buy to suppress the growth of weeds. One method is the use of chemical weed killers that are usually sprayed on the plants. But because of growing environmental and safety concerns, many are switching to organic weed control.

Below are typical methods used by a weed control service to manage weeds organically:

  • Manually pulling weeds
  • Regulating the delivery of water with the use of rubber hoses and other methods directly to plant roots to limit the weed’s access to water
  • Tilling and plowing around plants mechanically with the use of tractors at various periods in the cultivation process
  • Rotating crops with ones that kill weeds by choking them out, such as hemp (this works better on a farm than in your backyard, however)
  • Mulching or the use of weed mats, which are made of fibrous materials such as cloth bark or newspaper placed on top of the soil to prevent weeds from growing to the surface

One popular weed control service method used to destroy weeds organically is the use of herbicides. Through the use of various equipment on the ground, or even in the air, herbicides are applied directly on plants. Common organic herbicides include spices, vinegar, steam, flame, citrus oil and many others. Major herbicides used by professionals include 2,4-D, aminopyralid , atrazine, clopyralid , dicamba, Glufosinate ammonium, Fluroxypyr, Glyphosate, Imazapyr, Imazapic,Linuron , Metolachlor, Paraquat, Pendimethalin, Picloram, Sodium chlorate and Triclopyr.

Herbicides can be classified in many ways. Contact herbicides kill only the plant directly in contact with the chemical. These generally are the fastest acting herbicides but are less effective on perennial plants. Systemic herbicides are translocated through the plant, either from foliar application down to the roots, or from soil application up to the leaves. They are slow acting and can easily manage perennial plants. Soil-applied herbicides are absorbed by the roots of the plant and are applied directly to the soil. These are just some of the options that a weed control service will consider in helping you combat weeds in your lawn and garden.

Weeds are the worst enemy of garden and lawn owners. So to relieve yourself from the hassle of dealing with them, go to a professional weed control service company and let them get the job done right, so you can just sit back and enjoy your weed-free landscaping and your beautiful garden decor.

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