Outdoor Accent Lighting Uses

When it comes to lighting up the areas around the outside of your home, there are many options – from dangling lantern lights to obscure driveway lights, and from bright security lighting to more gentle garden lighting and more. But no lighting option makes more of an impact on the exterior décor of your home than outdoor accent lighting.
What constitutes outdoor accent lighting? There is not one specific type of light that is considered an outdoor accent light in and of itself, but outdoor accent lighting is more about where the lights are positioned and how they are used that causes the lights to make such a dramatic impact. Outdoor accent lights are typically positioned to shine on and illuminate interesting aspects of a home and landscape, including trees, flower beds, water features, and more.

A light can be used to accent just about any part of the exterior of a home that a homeowner wants to stand out. Many use outdoor accent lighting to shine up against the front of the home’s exterior to create a warm and inviting glow and to make a dramatic impact highlighting the home’s architectural features.

Outdoor accent lighting is also utilized to spotlight a beautiful tree, to draw attention to a garden statue, or to make it apparent where an outdoor walkway steps up or down. Not only does the accent lighting add beauty to the home’s décor, but it can be positioned to function as a safety feature as well, ensuring that no one trips while walking outside the home at night.

Most outdoor accent lighting consists of small LED lights that can easily be positioned to point in any direction needed. The outdoor accent lights themselves are not usually that decorative, since their main purpose is not to draw attention to the lights themselves, but to the features that the light is illuminating. Some outdoor accent lighting is wired with regular high voltage wiring to provide sharp and bright light. This, however, requires a professional electrician in order to properly complete the installation, so it can get rather pricey. With the advances that have been made with LED lighting, you can now buy outdoor accent lighting that uses low voltage electricity but still provides the bright and powerful light needed to accent locations at a distance (such as a large tree or the side of a home).

Another option is solar accent lighting. This lighting functions the same as LED outdoor accent lighting, but instead of being powered by electricity, the lighting is powered by the sun. Solar outdoor accent lighting is an environmentally friendly way to brighten up your home while not sending your energy bill soaring. Solar accent lights contain small solar panels that collect solar energy by day and store it in a battery in order to power the lights by night. In the past, most solar lighting emitted only minimal light so solar lighting wasn’t always the best option for accent lighting, but with advances in LED lights, the brightness of the emitted light has increased.

Not all outdoor accent lighting is bright and powerful, shining up on large expanses of a building or tree to create a dramatic effect. Some outdoor accent lights are intended to create an intimate mood along the edges of flower beds and patios, shining down on deck posts, along fences, near garden ponds, and in other areas around the front and backyard. In these uses, the lights are situated to create small pools of light that draw your eye to an area. In some cases, just one or a few outdoor accent lights can make a big effect, and in others, a variety of well placed outdoor accent lighting can look like a professional landscape architect designed your yard to make it look like it came right out of a magazine.

Outdoor accent lighting prices are relatively reasonable in comparison to other types of outside lighting. This is primarily because the light fixtures themselves are not decorative. The beauty is in the light itself, not in the lighting fixture. You can buy outdoor accent lighting at most stores that sell exterior lighting and can also find a wide selection of outdoor accent lights online as well. Prices will vary based on the types of lights you buy, whether they are high voltage, low voltage or solar powered, whether you purchase the lights individually or buy outdoor accent lighting kits that come with a number of lighting fixtures to place in different locations around the yard, and other options such as the manufacturer, warranty, and so on.

One of the easiest ways to create drama, elegance, and beauty around the exterior of your home is through lighting. By installing outdoor accent lighting in well situated areas around the home, you can transform the look of your home by creating dramatic focal points and intimate pools of light. And you can do all of this without ever hiring a professional, since most outdoor accent lights are easy to install by do-it-yourselfers. Outdoor accent lighting can provide a big punch without making a big impact on your wallet.

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