Outdoor BBQ with Charcoal Grills

Was your last barbeque a mix of burnt food and bland taste? Cooking a great BBQ doesn’t have to be hard and mastering your charcoal BBQ shouldn’t be a mystery. While BBQ cooking is unique in its own way, you will still be using time-tested cooking methods to get great tastes. So don’t look at BBQ as an entirely different cooking method that is reserved for special occasions. With some basic tips, you can master cooking on the grill at any time of year.

You should always take some effort to maintain charcoal grills because they sustain a significant amount of abuse with each use. If you think about it, a BBQ has to endure high temperatures, smoke, and grease from the food. You want to clean your equipment after each use to make sure you get pure flavours without the remnants from past barbeques. Also keep your utensils up to par, and make sure never to mix the ones that handle your uncooked food with your serving tools.

When it comes to cooking, you want to keep patience in mind. So that means letting the coals turn light grey before you begin placing the food on the grill. And if you are using slow-cooking methods, then you will want to make sure keep the lid closed while the charcoal BBQ does its job. Many rookies make the mistake of constantly opening the lid or flipping their food too much.

The result in these cases will be uneven cooking and possibly burned food. The best part about BBQ food is the juiciness on the inside so once you get a great sear on your food, you want to disturb it as little as possible. And don’t forget about safe food handling tips when it comes to exposing different types of meat to one another. Over time you will discover the techniques that work best for you, and you’ll get the best tasting food for you and your family.

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