Outdoor Carpet Tiles: Great For Sun Porches and Patios

Laying down carpet is a tough job. Keeping in good condition is even more difficult. For most folks, a shoes off policy is the only way to maximize the life and aesthetics of the floor covering. Now take the challenge of preserving carpet, move it outdoors and try to imagine the additional difficulties. That has not stopped manufacturers from making outdoor carpets though. And for interested parties, it is still an appealing alternative for covered patios, porches and other trafficked areas near the home.

If you have decided that installing carpet outdoors is a good option for your household, you should invest in outdoor carpet tiles. They have the benefit of easy installation. Typical tiles come in one by one or two by two squares making customized floor areas easy to plot and install. An easy peel and stick approach is the most common style for outdoor carpet tile. You can quickly take of the protective cover and stick it to any surface, cement, wood or otherwise for long-term adherence and no bubbling. Excess tile footage can be easily cut away and any room or patio can quickly be covered.

While the standard tiles are made from UV and moisture resistance, there are plush styles as well that are intended to be used only in covered areas. Indoor outdoor carpet tiles are perfect for sun porches and covered patios and make a great covering for bare foot dwelling. In contrast, most tiles are made from turf synthetic plastics and while they are excellent at water repellency they are not comfortable on your bare feet. The material and grade you choose to install will depend on the amount of weathering you intend for it to be exposed to. But unlike strictly indoor carpet, the hardy fibers of carpet tiles should prevent it from quickly degrading.

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