Outdoor Dining Furniture – Styles And Materials

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon with a group of friends or family in your own backyard, sipping an icy cold glass of lemonade and anticipating the enticing aromas coming from the nearby barbeque grill. Outdoor dining furniture is a staple in many backyards, whether it is situated on a deck, patio, or even just directly on the lawn. By having a dining set outdoors, it allows homeowners to enjoy a meal, a snack, or even just a few drinks in their backyards with comfort and convenience.

There are many types of outdoor dining furniture available to suit many styles of home and garden décor, as well as differing budgets. No matter what type or style of furniture is selected, whether it is for aesthetic or monetary reasons, the functionality of outdoor dining furniture sets remains consistent among all types. A table and a few chairs is all that is needed to get a party started or to simply enjoy a family meal outdoors.

Not sure which type of outdoor dining furniture to choose? Here are a few options to consider:


Bistro dining sets – Bistro sets are a great option when you are short on space or just want an intimate dining area. They are comprised of a small outdoor furniture dining table with two matching or accompanying chairs. They are sometimes used in addition to a more traditional dining furniture set and can be placed almost anywhere – in the garden, near a pool, on a patio or deck, or in the yard.

Bar height dining sets – If you’re looking for more modern outdoor dining furniture, then consider a bar height set. These sets can be purchased with tables of different sizes and various amounts of seating. Bar height sets provide an interesting decorative design to your outdoor space.

Sling back dining sets – Some dining sets come with tables and chairs that are made from different materials. The tables can be aluminum, wood or wrought iron, and often have tempered glass tops. The chairs coordinate with the table but have slingbacks made from canvas, vinyl or another pliable material for the seating area. These types of chairs provide comfort, color and style, since slingbacks are often available in a wide assortment of designs.

Mosaic dining tables – One style of outdoor furniture dining table that provides more than just functionality but also offers artistic and visual interest is a mosaic table. Mosaic dining tables are often found on bistro dining sets but can also be a part of larger outdoor dining sets.

Traditional dining sets – These are the types of outdoor dining furniture sets you typically think of where the table and chairs all match. They can be round, oval, square or rectangular. Some come with matching patio umbrellas. These sets come in a wide variety of styles and material choices.

Material Types:

Aluminum outdoor dining furniture – Dining sets made from aluminum are one of the most popular choices due to their versatility and affordability. Aluminum sets are available in a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary, are lightweight, easy to clean, and easily moved around your patio or lawn if needed.

Teak outdoor dining furniture – Teak is another very popular material choice when it comes to outdoor patio dining furniture. Teak is an extremely hard wood that can withstand the weather elements. The furniture is treated, but will require some maintenance over time to keep it in tip top condition. Teak furniture can offer a contemporary and upscale design or a more casual feel.

Wicker outdoor dining furniture – Wicker is a classic material for outdoor patio furniture and offers a distinct aesthetic look, while maintaining functionality. Like teak or other wood furniture, wicker needs to be properly maintained in order to provide longevity of use.

Wrought iron outdoor dining furniture – Wrought iron is virtually indestructible and is very heavy, so it is a great choice in locations that are windy. Wrought iron typically has a classic feel, although there are styles of contemporary outdoor dining furniture made from wrought iron as well.

Recycled plastic or resin outdoor dining furniture – Recycled plastic is a great environmental choice and both recycled plastic and resin are usually considered as “cheap outdoor dining furniture”. This doesn’t mean that they do not provide the same functionality as other types of furniture, but simply that they are more affordable due to the materials used to manufacture the furniture. Many homeowners often purchase resin or plastic outdoor chairs as extra seating, whether or not they have an outdoor dining set made of the same material or not, because of their low price point. Some styles of these chairs are also very easy to stack when not in use, so they are easily stored.

There are many styles of outdoor dining furniture available to homeowners. From traditional to contemporary, small to large, inexpensive to pricey, there is bound to be a style to suit every taste

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