Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Creating a nicely lit outdoor area can make the space feel calm, and can also help to give a cozy feel to your outdoor space. Creating an ambiance can make a difference in how it feels to sit outdoors, whether it be on a patio, porch or in a backyard garden area. There are many ways to light these specific spaces, and each way will provide its own glow and give the space a truly calming feel.

Solar powered walkway lights are a popular choice for lighting low areas and also for lighting walking paths. They also make walkway lights that can be used with electricity and can be turned on and off with a switch, if you prefer. The nice thing about solar power is that they will automatically come on once the sun goes down and it gets dark outside. Both options give off a different glow of lighting, with the solar powered ones being a bluish tint and the electric walkway lights having more of a yellow glow to them.

Another popular choice for lighting in low areas is using outdoor candle lanterns. You can buy these in all sizes, with larger ones typically looking better if they’re sitting on the ground. You can also buy outdoor hanging candle lanterns that you can hang on the exterior of your home or on hooks in the yard. These provide a nice ambiance and a romantic glow. Outdoor candle lanterns are relatively inexpensive and add a unique decor to your space. You can also purchase post lanterns to give light to the higher areas and bring the light up off the ground. You can purchase post lanterns that look old-fashioned or modern, as well as almost any style in between.

There are many lighting sources intended for yards, decks, patios, or porches. It is a good idea to keep in mind that you want to try to use the same basic type of lighting source throughout your outdoor space. Meaning, go with all solar powered lighting or all electric lighting to keep some consistency within your lighting plans. You can, however, vary the types of lighting that you use throughout the area, as needed to suit the space. So, for example, you may want to use a few outdoor hanging candle lanterns along the edges of the patio to provide a romantic glow, but may want to also include a few outdoor spot lights to highlight interesting plants throughout your garden decor, install a set of walkway lights to add safety, or add some patio umbrella lights to brighten up the space above your outdoor dining furniture.

One of the first choices that needs to be made when defining your outside lighting requirements is whether you are going to primarily use solar powered lighting, electrical lighting or low voltage lighting. Once that has been decided, you can then walk around your outdoor space to determine the places that are most in need of light for safety and functionality, and the places that will benefit the most from other sources of ambient light. Then the fun part begins of looking through the many different types of outdoor lighting fixtures available to see which ones you would like to buy.

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