Outdoor Rugs And Carpeting For Your Patio

A splash of color or a new design feature may be all that your patio or deck needs to bring it into the twenty first century. Adding an outdoor rug can complete your Piazza on the Med or Anasazi décor – or outdoor rugs can spruce up just about any patio, deck or porch in any way that you like. Include a game rug for the kids or a football field with your favorite team logo for some added fun in your outdoor space, or if you want to add a bit of elegance, you can find elegant outdoor rug styles to meet that goal as well.

Whether your style is oriental, contemporary, southwestern or traditional, there is a durable, easy to clean floor covering for your outdoor living area. If the country look of a braided rug is what you need, you will be delighted with the fresh new color pallets and variety of selection now available in outdoor braided rugs. From small rugs to large rugs, as well as those that look like they are made for the outdoors or outdoor rugs that look like they would be more at home in the center of a formal living room, the variety of rugs now made for outdoor use is expansive.

Most reversible outdoor rugs are made of polypropylene (also called olefin construction). One big advantage to using this material is that the color is applied while the yarn is liquid and is not applied to the surface only. Obviously, this will produce a more colorfast material, which is important for rugs that are used outdoors. This material must be chemically enhanced to resist sunlight, or it will deteriorate over time from the sun beating down on it.

Other synthetic fibers used in outdoor rugs to ensure weather and stain resistance are nylon, acrylic, and polyester. Nylon is the best performer and the most costly, producing a softer feel due to the short fibers of staple yarn. Nylon is also available in what is called bulk continuous fiber, a longer filament that is plied together to form bundles of yarn. Polyester is a less expensive material than nylon and is also a staple yarn. Cheaper short fiber yarns can have loose fibers which fall out with traffic on the rug, however. Always watch for a tight weave when considering polyester outdoor rugs. Polyester rugs do produce great colors and are fade and stain resistant, though. All synthetic outdoor rugs are resistant to mildew and can produce a variety of textures through sculpting.

Outdoor carpeting is another option and is available in many sizes and shapes. You can find carpeting in many of the same fabrics as outdoor rugs, with the main difference between rugs and carpeting being in the way the edges are finished. Outdoor carpeting is made to cover a complete surface, while outdoor rugs have a specific design within a specific space and are made to only cover a portion of the floor or ground.

For that touch of softness underfoot, whether you are on a patio, deck, porch, or even beside the pool, as well as the durability required of any high traffic outdoor space, an outdoor rug may be just the thing you’re looking for and can add not only comfort but enhanced design to your backyard and garden space.

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