Outdoor Rugs – Types, Materials, Sizes, Shapes, Prices

Big Outdoor RugOutdoor rugs can add interest to your outdoor decor and can make your outdoor spaces feel more like indoor spaces. You can add an outdoor rug to patios, decks and porches, as well as placing them near front doors, back doors and other entryways. Outdoor rugs come in a variety of materials and styles, as well as sizes and shapes, to suit the needs of any outdoor space where you are looking to place an outdoor rug.

In addition to rugs that are made specifically for outdoor use, there are also indoor outdoor rugs that can be utilized outside the house that are equally suited for indoor use. An indoor outdoor rug is made with materials that will withstand outdoor use but that is attractive enough to work well in an indoor space as well. When it comes to outdoor rugs, the possibilities of what to purchase are almost endless. Below is a sampling of some of the types of outdoor rugs you may want to consider to enhance your outdoor décor.

For the most part, any of these rugs can be used as outdoor patio rugs, which are the most common use for outdoor rugs. Outdoor porch rugs and outdoor deck rugs are popular as well, and any of the styles listed below can be used in those locations as well.

An outdoor patio rug can be used under a patio table, near the entrance to a home, or as an accent among other outdoor patio furniture. The same holds true for outdoor rugs placed on a porch or deck. The main factor that sets apart outdoor rugs for patios or other locations from indoor rugs is the material they are made from. Outdoor rugs need to be able to stand up to the elements of the weather, including precipitation and sun exposure. They also need to be heavy enough to not blow away in a gust of wind.

Here are some outdoor rug types to consider:

Outdoor polypropylene rugs

An outdoor polypropylene rug is one of the most rugged types of outdoor rugs available. Made of Olefin, an outdoor polypropylene rug won’t retain water or moisture and will resist any potential problems from bugs or insects. These rugs are attractive and durable and can look just like an indoor rug.
outdoor rugs Outdoor bamboo rugs – A bamboo outdoor rug provides a natural and eco-friendly option for outdoor rug use. An outdoor bamboo rug is a great option when you are looking for all weather outdoor rugs due to its durability, sustainability and beauty.

Outdoor braided rugs

An outdoor braided rug not only provides the durability needed for outdoor use but adds textural interest to your outdoor space.

Outdoor sisal rugs

An outdoor sisal rug is the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor patio set or can be placed near an entry door. The natural fibers resist moisture and are durable enough to be used outdoors.

When it comes to outdoor rugs, outdoor area rugs are among the most popular. Just as you would place an area rug in your living room, family room, or dining room to highlight your furniture, an outdoor area rug can highlight your outdoor space. Indoor outdoor area rugs are so versatile and attractive that they can be used just about anywhere inside or outside your home. An indoor outdoor area rug is made from materials that can hold up to exterior weather conditions but looks no different than any indoor rug your would otherwise choose for an interior space, so it can be used indoors as well.

Shapes of rugs

As far as an all weather outdoor rug goes, you can purchase a rug in just about any shape or size. Round outdoor rugs are a very popular option since many patio tables are round and they can be placed underneath the table. Aside from a round outdoor rug, you can purchase square outdoor rugs, oval outdoor rugs, rectangular outdoor rugs, or even outdoor rug runners. An outdoor rug runner can define the space leading from an entryway to the main part of your patio, deck or porch or can be used anytime a narrow and long rug is needed.

Where to buy?

When it is time to buy an outdoor rug, there are many places you can look. Any store that sells rugs or outdoor décor items should probably also sell outdoor rugs, and you can find a wide selection of outdoor rugs online. Some sites offer discount outdoor rugs and you can often find an outdoor rugs sale by searching through a few different sites. Stores will often put outdoor rugs on sale after the summer season, so you can typically get a good deal at that time of the year.


Two small outdoor rugsIt is worth spending a little extra money to purchase quality outdoor rugs rather than cheap outdoor rugs, however, and to make sure that you have a quality made outdoor rug that will last. Since outdoor rugs will be subjected to sun, rain, wind, flying debris, dirt, animals, insects, and possibly even snow, you want to know that the materials your rug is made of are durable enough to withstand the elements. If a cheap outdoor rug fades quickly or retains water and becomes moldy or mildewy, you will have to replace it quickly and will not really be saving any money in the long run.

How to find outdoor rugs for less?

There is quite a trend these days in creating wonderful outdoor living spaces which are just as beautiful as a well designed interior. Outdoor rugs have become more and more popular as a result, because they help to create that feeling of a room in the garden.

If you have seen the pictures in interior design magazines, however, you might have been aghast at the kind of prices charged for these rugs, especially considering that the rug will be out in all types of weather. However, it is precisely for that reason that they may be a little more expensive than rugs you might only use indoors. Outdoor rugs have to be resistant to mold and mildew and not be compromised when they get wet. They have to sit out all day in the sun without their beautiful colors fading. And they have to withstand the extra wear and tear that comes from being outside. Any old rug will not do unless you don’t mind throwing away your rug every few months and buying a new one!

However, if you cannot find a cheap outdoor rug, you can at least find them for less than the prices quoted in the interior magazines if you do a little research. Here are a few places where you can find outdoor rugs for less.

1. End of Season Sales

If you go to the garden center (or department store with a garden department) at the end of the summer season, you will often find outdoor rugs with a reduced price. You may end up storing your rug over winter but you will be pleased you did next spring when you roll out your bargain rug on your patio.

2. Auction Sites

You can always get a good deal on outdoor rugs on auction sites like eBay where many sellers compete with each other for your business. You can either buy using the auction method or look for rugs at a fixed priced (so called “Buy it Now” offers).

3. E-commerce Sites

There are many ordinary e-commerce sites around which also offer keen prices and because you can browse a lot of websites in very little time, you can do a lot of shopping around to get the best deal on the particular rugs you like. By shopping online, not only will you get better prices, but you will also have many more rugs to choose from than the restricted range found in magazines or in your local stores.

For safety reasons, you should also consider placing an outdoor rug mat underneath the rug so that it does not move or skid when people walk on it.

Outdoor rugs are an attractive addition to any outdoor space. Whether you are interested in outdoor patio rugs, outdoor porch rugs, outdoor deck rugs, or even just an outdoor door mat to welcome visitors, you can find a style, size and design that will fit your needs and will enhance your exterior décor.

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