Outdoor Sconces and Chandeliers For Your Yard

Are you thinking about selling your house soon and you want to add to its curb appeal? Or are you simply looking for a way to liven up your outdoor surroundings a bit? Are you trying to focus the attention of potential buyers or passersby on the architectural lines of your home or show that you have a rather unique and creative flair for decorating? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this article might provide some ideas about how to incorporate interesting light fixtures into your home’s exterior decor that can help it to stand out from the crowd.

Two light fixtures that we are going to discuss here are the outdoor sconce, and the rather eye-catching outdoor chandelier. These are not the typical types of outside lights you think of when planning your exterior lighting design, but the addition of either or both of these interesting lighting fixtures can really set the mood for your home.

Outdoor Sconces

The first type of outdoor light fixture we’ll touch on is the outdoor sconce. These are great light fixtures to add to your front door entryway, as they enhance the natural lines of the house. Glass outdoor sconces in particular add attractive accent lighting that bounces off of the lines of the house to create nice edges and shadows that direct lighting would not otherwise create. And, because there are so many decorative glass options, from colored glass to etched glass, to clear glass encased in interesting lighting frames, you can not only cast an interesting glow from the light fixture, but the glass sconce itself can become a focal point of your front entryway.

Other places that outdoor sconces can be used to add an interesting dimension to your landscape and garden decor include pathways, walkways, doorways, along fences, and in gardens (if there is a vertical structure on which to attach the sconce). The light given off by outside sconces can show off plants, hardscaping, a water feature or can accent pool areas. The one thing to keep in mind, however, if you opt for a glass outdoor sconce, compared to another type of outdoor sconce, is that if the area is not protected with an overhead covering, be sure that the glass portion of the fixture is not in danger of breaking by falling twigs, blowing debris, or a wayward soccer ball that gets kicked in its path.

Outdoor glass sconces can start to become a little bit pricey if you’re looking to add a few of them. The nice thing, though, is that these types of fixtures are best used sparingly to get the best effect.

Outdoor Chandeliers

Another interesting type of light fixture for outdoor use is the outdoor chandelier, and most particularly, the black chandelier. Black chandeliers are perfect for adding curb appeal when added to your entryway ceiling or a covered porch area, because they make the person focus on the intricate lines of the light fixture, which draws attention to the lines of the house, as well as away from some of the less pleasing aspects the house. Now, of course, there are other types of outdoor chandeliers besides black ones, and while these can be equally as interesting, depending on their shape and size, there is just something about black that draws and grabs your attention, giving your outside lighting choice that extra “wow” factor.

Outdoor chandeliers are also an interesting option to be used as gazebo lighting or under covered patios or decks. The elegance that these light fixtures afford these spaces is unmatched, and if you buy chandeliers for outdoor use, they will be made from materials that can withstand the outdoor elements. You should stay away from outdoor chandeliers with a shiny finish, such as silver or brass, because during the daytime hours, the sun may reflect off of the shiny finish, causing you to squint. That’s why black, and especially black wrought iron chandeliers, are such an attractive option, because they do not reflect any daytime light and make a dramatic statement against their surroundings.

While outdoor sconces and outdoor chandeliers are not the first types of outside lighting options that come to mind for most people, adding one or both of these interesting light fixtures can really add to the curb appeal and decorative flair of your home’s exterior.

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