Outdoor Show Bench For Your Comfort

For those homeowners that have an inground or above ground swimming pool, who live near the beach, or who spend a lot of time outdoors getting dirty, having an outdoor shower is more than a luxury, it’s a great convenience. Rather than having pool or ocean water, sand, dirt, mud and the like traipsed through the house, an outdoor shower can get everyone cleaned off before their dirty feet ever hit the threshold. Adding a shower bench to your outdoor shower space provides comfort as well as convenience.

A shower bench is a small bench that is made to withstand constant contact with water. A shower bench seat offers a place to sit while taking a shower, which is especially important for those that have difficulty standing for long periods of time. But shower benches also make it more convenient to take a shower in a small outdoor cramped space by providing a place to lift up a leg to wash off some sand or to place flip flops, bathing suits and related items, rather than having to leave them on the floor.

Since most outdoor showers are somewhat compact, it is usually better to opt for a folding shower bench or a portable shower bench rather than one that is larger and more difficult to move, since space is at a premium in an outdoor shower. These models offer the convenience of use when needed but can easily be moved out of the way when not needed.

For outdoor use, the most popular material for shower benches is teak. A teak shower bench is strong and durable and can be left outdoors for extended periods of time without harm, just as a garden bench can. They can be left to weather in their natural state (and will turn a grayish color) or they can be periodically treated to maintain their color and to extend their wear. Shower benches are also available in plastic and other manmade materials, but a wood shower bench is a much more attractive addition to an outdoor space than a plastic one.

Teak shower benches resemble those found in spa settings, so they can be an elegant addition to your outdoor shower space, or they can simply be a natural accompaniment to your garden décor. In addition to teak, the benches can be made of other wood types. Cedar shower benches can also be used outdoors and in fact, any type of shower bench that is fit for indoor use can also be used outside.

If your outdoor shower area is near your pool or outdoor spa, an added benefit to a shower bench is that you can leave a change of clothes, an extra towel, or other supplies on it when the shower is not in use. The bench can even be moved for temporary extra seating, since it is so small and easy to maneuver.

Shower benches are not simply a luxury for indoor spa-like bathrooms or a necessity for those that have medical conditions that make it difficult to stand for long periods of time. Adding a shower bench to your outdoor shower area can make it easier to scrub off sand and mud, can provide a place to change outdoors and can even serve a dual purpose as extra seating. They offer comfort and convenience in a compact package.

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