How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Guest Room?

The holidays are just around the corner, and as we begin to prepare our homes for parties and get together, it’s a good time to cast our gaze upon the guest bedroom. Sometimes it’s necessary for house guests to stay overnight due to bad weather or long distances to travel to their next destination, and sometimes family comes… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About Pools – Part 1

What are the Things Every Pool House Needs? If you already have a pool, or are thinking of putting one in, go that one step further and increase the value of your property by adding a pool house. Even if you have only a small space you can still create a useful pool house that can include a… Read More »

More About Rose Flowers – History, Types, Uses, Photos

Rose History The rose flower is nearly 35 million years old. It certainly has a fascinating history. The earliest known cultivation of rose flowers date from at least 500 BC in Mediterranean countries, Persia and China. Northern Persia and China are probably the birthplace of the cultivated rose flower. The history of the rose hybridazation began in England… Read More »

Gardening Tasks by Month for Hardiness Zones 5b-6a

JANUARY Check out garden catalogs and stores for seeds. Start seeds indoors for summer flowers. Prune fruit trees and late flowering deciduous shrubs. Snip back lateral and side branches of wisteria to within two or three buds. Knock heavy snowfall from bushes, hedges and evergreens to prevent damage. Keep bulbs in containers, lightly watered to maintain proper development.… Read More »

5 Easter Recipes and Ideas for Kids to Make them Smile

With Easter around the corner, every home maker would become busy with creating Easter recipes for kids and family. A number of Easter recipes are available on the internet. You can check out for them and create something exclusive out of it. There are Jell O deserts, Easter egg baskets, cookies, cakes and so on. Let us now… Read More »