Patio Chair Cushions for Your Poolside

It is such a luxury to have a swimming pool in your garden that it really makes sense to create a poolside patio that is a little luxurious too. Choose furniture which has a touch of the glamour about it, whether that is because of a particular style or solid classic materials in great shapes. When choosing patio chair cushions try and keep to the luxurious theme too if you want to make the best of your patio.

In some ways you do have to be careful when choosing cushions for a poolside location as the patio cushion covers will often get wet either from splashes from the pool or from swimmers relaxing in a wet swimming costume after their swim. Always choose waterproof fabric of course (of the kind that is waterproof but feels like regular canvas fabric) but also insist that towels are used on the chairs after swimming. This will protect your chairs from the pool chemicals and from an accidental application of sun oil too!

As for pattern and colors, poolside patios need to be bright as they have both the sun (hopefully) to contend with and the brightness of the water in the pool. Subtle shades do not stand up to competition like that so it is best to go for a plain bright shade or a tropical print or even a stripe. Take care that the fabric you choose is resistant to fading as a bright color quickly looks shabby if it is in the least bit faded. Many ready made patio cushions (although not the very cheap variety) have this quality but check that the cushions you buy definitely have it.

It is unlikely that there will be much natural shade by your pool, as pools are best built away from overhanging trees shedding their leaves right into the water. So you might want to think about purchasing a matching parasol at the same time as your patio cushions to give you a bit of shade should the sun get too hot. Also, don’t forget that you can find great styles of wrought iron patio furniture cushions to go with your wrought iron poolside furniture

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