Patio Cover Plans and Design Ideas

One of the most primal needs we all have is the ability to find a place of respite from the daily demands of life. For some of us, the patio is the perfect place for this. If you are looking to design your new patio, then there are some features that you’ll want to address. The proper patio cover plans will go a long way toward helping you create the most usable space for you and your lifestyle. If you are simply redesigning an older patio area, then you can incorporate some of these ideas as well. So, as we continue with this article, take note of areas that you might be able to apply to renovation and what might be more suitable for a new patio space. As the trend continues to expand, the use of a patio as an outdoor room is really taking off.

There are more and more accessories and patio living ideas than ever. With this movement has come even more design ideas and this has made the patio an ever more friendly place to spend time relaxing with friends and family. If you consider the outdoor as an extension of your inner living areas, then you can understand that there is a roof and a floor, just like indoors. The “floor” can consist of anything from natural stones or bricks to patio slabs or stamped concrete. Depending on the various patio covers from which to choose, your “roof” might consist of wooden beams, living plants or the night sky. There are also awning and canopy materials that can be used. These provide both shade and protection from the elements where an open wood beam roof cannot.

The floor is another matter. This aspect of your patio is something that will experience various sorts of traffic and exposure to the elements. It will need to be able to stand up to almost anything. This is why a poured concrete slab was always the most convenient, quick and cheapest way to go. While it might still be, more and more homeowners are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing floor material. Both patio covers and even a stamped concrete design work for this. Pavers can be made of concrete, so durability is not an issue. They also come in various color and shapes that can be laid to create various designs. Stamped concrete is a great way to add some texture and design to your patio space. What ever style you choose to go with, remember to make those patio cover plans.

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