Patio Design Ideas for a Backyard Oasis

When designing or building a new patio space, how do you know where to look? Ideas for patio designs and plans can be found in magazines, at local home shows, from asking neighbors or through contacting your local contractors. You can also do a browse online and see what is available, like what you’re doing now. However, unless you have a good idea as to what you want, this might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Yielding the most natural and comfortable patio oasis of your dreams will rest on the fact that it fits your needs. This is the key point to dwell on when designing your patio. Without knowing this, any design you choose may look good, but may not give you the functional aspects you are after. There are just so many patio cover ideas from which to choose that you should make sure that the one you settle on is a perfect fit for you.

This point is likely self-explanatory, but it bears a little emphasis. If you have a family, you will probably use your patio or backyard space differently than the couple who likes to host more semi-formal outdoor dinner engagements with other couples. You can have some mixing of designs, but some features will be quite different.

There are also patio accessories to consider. With these, think in terms of furniture, outdoor heating and lighting needs. Patio furniture is one of the more common elements that gets attention. What is sometimes missed is how important the little details are. Having an outdoor fireplace or patio heater can also provide you with some more comfort while out on the deck or patio. Likewise, the right accent lighting can really highlight and accentuate your landscape features.

In order for your landscape to feel more seamless and integrated, you need your patio design ideas to incorporate both softscape and hardscape features. The softer side of things will be represented by your living plant materials and flowers. The hardscape elements will be taken care of with the patio structure itself – made of wood, composites, or metal – the bricks, pavers, water features, and any fencing necessary. Lighting can help to further define or soften these landscape features.

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