Patio Umbrella Accessories

A patio umbrella is a great addition to your patio because it provides protection from the sun, wind, rain and other weather elements while you are outside enjoying your outdoor patio furniture. While most people think of patio umbrellas as simply the large expanse of fabric that covers the table and provides shade, there are other components to the umbrella that make it more enjoyable to use or extend the life of the umbrella.

Patio umbrella accessories include all of the parts of the umbrella that make it functional, as well as a few extras. In some cases, the accessories are actually included along with the purchase of the umbrella, and in other cases they are not, so you can choose from among what you would like to complement your umbrella.

Here are a few accessories for your patio umbrella to consider:

Patio Umbrella Base – Not all umbrellas come standard with a base to hold the umbrella, but this is a necessary feature, unless your umbrella is already equipped with one. A patio umbrella base must be large enough and heavy enough to support the umbrella and must be able to keep the umbrella stabilized, even when strong winds begin to blow. Patio umbrella bases can also be referred to as a patio umbrella stands, and the terms are used interchangeably. Bases or stands can be basic or decorative.

Patio Umbrella Cover – In order to preserve the life of your umbrella, it is best to keep it closed up whenever it is not in use. To protect it even more, use a patio umbrella cover. By covering the umbrella when you are not using it, the umbrella will stay cleaner and it will also protect it from the weather elements, such as wind, rain, snow and sun, so that it will be less likely to fade, crack, and mildew over time. Just be sure that the umbrella canopy is completely dry prior to placing the cover over it.

Patio Umbrella Lights – A patio umbrella light, or set of lights, can add functionality to your outdoor patio furniture, while also creating ambiance. There are a variety of types of patio umbrella lights to choose from – some attach to the pole, some wrap around the ribs of the umbrella and some hang from the umbrella canopy. Most are battery operated and there are some now that are even solar powered. Solar patio lights are eco-friendly and save money because they don’t raise your energy bill, so they are becoming an increasingly popular option. By using patio umbrella lights, you can continue to enjoy your patio, even when the sun goes down.

Patio Umbrella Fan – A patio umbrella fan can be a breath of fresh air on a scorching hot day. Attached to the pole of the umbrella, a patio umbrella fan can provide a slight breeze to make things more comfortable during the heat of the day while you are sitting under the umbrella.

Patio Umbrella Canopy – Although the canopy of the umbrella is included when you initially purchase your umbrella, very often it is the case that the canopy wears out or needs to be replaced even though the mechanisms of the umbrella still operate well. Rather than replacing your entire umbrella, you can purchase a replacement patio umbrella canopy to extend the life of your existing umbrella.

Of the various patio umbrella accessories on the market, you will find that some add functionality, while others simply make sitting under the umbrella a more enjoyable experience. Most retailers that sell patio umbrellas or outdoor patio furniture will typically also have a selection of accessories to go with the umbrellas, or you can find additional products and accessories online or directly through the manufacturer.

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