Pest Protection From Garden Netting

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Every home gardener will have to deal with uninvited pests at some point in time. Birds love to eat fresh berries and insects are wild about vegetables. There are other kinds of pests that will feast on greens. Constantly trying to rid your garden of these pests can be frustrating if you have run out of productive ideas.

One way to protect your plants is to use simple garden netting. This material is designed to keep the insects at bay and give your vegetables and flowers and better chance of survival. A healthy plant will produce an abundant harvest and that is exactly what you are aiming for.

There are many different kinds of garden netting available and each has its own unique characteristics and is used to achieve different goals. The type of netting you buy will be determined by the kinds of pests you are dealing with.

In locations that get an abundance of sunlight, there is netting that is made to shade the plant and keep any direct sunlight from getting to it. Bird netting will keep the flying creatures from getting to your berries.

To discourage small animals and insects from invading your garden, rest the netting gently on the plants. The plants will protected but still receive enough sunlight to grow healthy.

If you are trying to keep deer away, you will need something more substantial than netting to discourage them from helping themselves. If the expense of buying a full blown garden fence does not fit your budget, try fashioning a barrier out of garden netting material. Drive pipes or stakes into the ground at regular intervals, wrap the material around them and secure it in place.

There are solutions for any kind of garden problem you may encounter. Research the various options and get a good idea of what you are dealing with in your own garden. Analyze your own situation and choose the method that best suits your needs.

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