Phaphiopedilum – description and care


This is a very popular orchid, that originates from Asia, where it grows from the Himalaya mountains to the Phillippines and Papua New Guinea. The genus contains 60 species.

The Phaphiopedilum culture has been devided into two groups, plants with green leaves, which originate from a moderate climate region and plants with leaves that have a more or less marble like or spotted pattern. These originate from a warm climate area.

When selecting a Phaphiopedilum, it is important to know which temperatures it will meet at your place. Ifyou make the wrong choise in this respect, you will face problems.

There are many Phaphiopedilums to choose from. Currently there are over 100 hybrids available with colors ranging green to white or pink and combinations of these. These plants do not form any pseudobulbs. One of the flower leaves is shaped like a lady slipper. This gives the plants their common name.


These plands do not need special care. They need much light, but do not stand direct sun light.

Usually it is sufficient to give water once per week, but make sure that they are always a bit moist. And during the growing season, they need a dressing once per 10 days. Most of these orchids should be kept quite cool. Especially in resting period during winter. The plants need a high relative humidity and during the summer much fresh air.

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