Pine TV Cabinet for Your New Weekend Cabin

After purchasing your new weekend cabin in the Smokey Mountains, it is time to start putting your spin on the decor. Since vacation cabins are a little smaller than most homes, it is best to keep the furniture theme the same through out the entire interior, this will give the illusion of the home being larger. One thing that always seems to rear its ugly head when attempting to create a rustic decor is today’s technology ridden society is namely the home entertainment devices. The solution is easy, as you can hide everything in a pine TV cabinet, to keep your “home on the range”, appeal alive and well.

If you have previously purchased your pine living room or bedroom furniture, check and see if the company that sold it to you may have a matching cabinet. If the line has been discontinued, there are still a couple of options. One, you can buy an unfinished cabinet and try to apply a wood stain that will match your other pieces, or you can have a cabinetmaker create one from scratch that matches the current furnishings. The latter may be a little too expensive for some decorating budgets, but you can get pretty close with the first suggestion.

There are varying levels of sophistication even for pine TV cabinets and depending on your wants and needs pricing can sky rocket with certain options. The cost alone of any hardwood product is off the charts cost wise currently, and you should be prepared for at least some minimal sticker shock when starting your search for the perfect pine entertainment center. A couple of options that should not be overlooked is a slide out tray for the television to be mounted on, as this will give you angled viewing of the TV from just about any location in the room. In addition, enough storage space for not only your surround sound equipment, DVD Player, and cable or dish box, but if you have children supplementary space will be needed for game consoles and their accessories.

If space is dramatically limited in your new cabin, then a pine corner TV cabinet may be the next best product for your audio video needs. Although it will not hide everything, it will still look more tasteful atop the pine furniture that blends with the rest of your room’s interior. The Unfinished Furniture of Wilmington is a company that makes a corner unit that you can stain to match your coffee and end tables for about three hundred dollars plus handling and shipping costs. Most finished products for this category will run about five to six hundred for a solid wood version. Of course, you can save scads of money by choosing the man made veneers that utilize MDF or particleboard below the surface which is a standard way to save cash on TV stands.

The pine TV armoire, although made for the bedroom can also make a beautiful addition to the living room area of your cabin. Hiding everything electronic like the standard TV cabinet but with more flair and decorative value. These units more than not will come standard with a slide out tray, engineered cabling system, and some even have the electrical outlets built into the enclosure. Generally the cabinet doors will have a three dimensional ornate design carved directly into the solid pine, and will offer volumes of character to the overall design theme of the room.

Pine TV furniture (such as a pine TV stand) is actually made all over the world, and believe it or not, some of the best products are imported from Mexico and are handmade by local craftsmen that have scores of experience in making highly stylized home furnishings form many materials including pine. So in summary whether you need large near custom designed pine TV cabinetry, or just a simple pine TV stand, there are so many sources online and otherwise available to purchase this furniture, that you could never shop them all in a realistic time frame.

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