Pink Curtains

Cheerful pink curtains can brighten any informal room in your home. They can be used in lieu of blinds to give a room warmth, color and whimsical character. Lined curtains can also insulate windows with drafts, control sound, add privacy and block light. You’ll want to keep several things in mind when you are shopping for drapes for your home.

If you are looking for pale magenta curtains in a fabric that is not sheer, look for panels that have a quality lining. You won’t pay much more for them, and they will be more than worth the extra money. Lining is an excellent way to protect your fabric curtains from the sun. It keeps them from fading, and protects your investment. It also adds a uniform, classy look to your house’s exterior.

If you would like to sleep a bit later in the morning, lined drapes will will help keep your room darker and cozier. The lining helps to block out excess light, and that is a nice plus, especially for bedrooms. Make sure when you order that the drapes will cover the entire windows when they are closed. When you pleat curtains, the width at the top of every panel will be reduced to 25 inches or so. Un-pleated panels will remain 50 inches across.

Interlining is also available for drapery panels. Generally, interlining is a flannel type fabric that is sewn between the lining and the fabric of your curtains, and this adds weight and fullness to fabrics that might otherwise look thin. It adds insulation and a luxurious feel to your pink curtains. The interlining works especially well with silk fabric drapes.

You can purchase curtains made in many different fabrics, from the softest velvet to the roughest burlap. The fabric you choose for your new curtains depends on what type of mood you will be conveying. Also, you won’t want to select delicate fabrics for use in areas with a lot of traffic. You can find quite a few curtains with stain guard protection that will protect them from your busy family and their everyday mishaps. These types of drapes are usually made from polyester, cotton or a blend of both.

If you order custom draperies on the Internet or from a designer, make sure they give or send you a sample of the fabric to look at first. Check and see how the fabric looks on the wall where your drapes will be. Get a good feel for how it will look before you spend a lot of money on drapes.

Panel styles can also affect the mood that your draperies will create. You can select from different styles, like grommeted panels, goblet pleats and rod pockets. Leaf through interior design magazines to see what styles appeal the most to you.

Check your drapery hardware, too. If you have drapery rods already in place, you can use them for measurements, from the ring base to the floor. If there is no rod up there now, remember that if you mount your rods higher, it will make your ceilings and windows look higher, too. Make sure that your pink curtains will be a perfect fit when you bring them home.

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