Plans For DIY Chicken Coop Building And Maintenance

Plans For DIY Chicken Coop Building And Maintenance

Building a chicken coop is a great experience, and if you like gardening stuff and projects related to home improvement, then you’ll definitely enjoy doing this. Many people have a hobby of keeping chickens in their backyard, so that sounds like you, then keep on reading to learn how to get started.

I must stress out that the most important thing to start with is check with your city authorities regarding the regulations of chicken pens in your area. Amazingly, some areas don’t allow having chicken hens in your garden, so if you want to stay away from the trouble, then make sure you follow the local law.

Think carefully about how many chicken roosters you’re planning to keep. This will greatly affect the overall size of the wood chicken house. Obviously, the more chickens you keep the bigger space will be required to accommodate all of them. Usually it’s recommended that you allow about 4 square feet for each.

Obviously, the coop will be located outside in garden and there the local environment might be a danger for your little animals. I’m talking about sneaky predators, like rats and foxes. It’s crucial to protect the coop from any unwanted access, so what you should do is put spiky wire all around the coop and dig it into the ground.

Pretty much anyone can learn how to build a chicken coop with decent chicken coop plans. However, it’s a totally different story to look after them and maintain their house. You must regularly clean it, ventilate and check the health of your chickens. If you want to get fresh organic eggs, then you need to ensure your garden friends are feeling well.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot to learn, and it’s best that you use a DIY chicken coop building guide to help you out whenever you get stuck. There’s a guy called Bill Keene’s, who got a really useful ebook called “Building A Chicken Coop”. You should check it out.

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