Planting Vegetables the Organic Way

Probably one of the best trends that has happened in the last several years is the move towards organic gardening. There has never been an easier time to find the amount of organic composting materials and other products for planting vegetables in your own backyard. In fact, there has been a big shift in people’s appreciation for micro-farming, as it were. There has also been a growing interest in having small farm animals at home, as well. The most popular of these is chickens.

It is a strange thing, but we have to use the word organic today to distinguish the fact that we are growing foods in a way that doesn’t involve pesticides and herbicides or other agricultural chemicals. Not too many decades ago, vegetables were grown just as they are supposed to grow, from the ground with water and sunlight. Okay, maybe you can throw in some fertilizer. In many cases, this fertilizer came in the form of droppings and other ‘waste products’ from the farm animals themselves. People ‘in the know’ realize how beneficial their chicken droppings are for helping them grow beautiful gardens.

You needn’t be intimidated by growing your own vegetables. You might choose to start small. Start out by growing an herb garden and just move up from there. Herb gardens are wonderful ways to not only create some fresh spices that you can use in your own kitchen, but their aroma and appearance can enhance your patio or garden space as well. They also look nice just outside a kitchen window.

The main point to stress is that organic vegetable gardening is the way to go. Commercial foods are becoming more and more ‘artificial’ and questions are looming regarding how much of the vital nutrients are lost through these types of farming practices. While they do make volumes of produce available, they do not necessarily make it better for consumption. Your safest bet is to learn how to do it yourself by planting vegetables at home.

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