Pool Vacuum Cleaners: What You Need to Look For

In this article we consider the differences between suction side, pressure side and robotic pool cleaners. We also provide a set of criteria to look for when deciding between different models. Whether you have an over ground pool, in-ground pool or a custom shaped pool you should be able to find the right pool vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Pressure side vacuum cleaners that operate using the pressure generated by your pool pump, or which have a dedicated pump to drive them, are best for pools that tend to gather a large quantity of debris. Pressure side cleaners are effective at picking up larger particles and also wont overload your pool filter as they are sold with independent debris bags.

Suction side cleaners are a little less expensive and easier to install than pressure side cleaners. They work of the suction that is generated by your pool pump and typically attach via the skimmer. While they may not be able to handle larger sized debris, then very effective at giving your pool surfaces a great clean.

For a completely hands-off pool vacuum cleaner, it’s worth considering a robotic model. The best designs are manufactured by Aquabot. These are completely self-contained, they power themselves around the pool and have their own independent filter and pump system. Some of the top-ranked models can be controlled via a remote control and have an ability to learn the shape of the pool becoming increasingly more efficient each time they are used.

Whatever pool vacuum cleaner you decide on, make sure you understand exactly the installation requirements before you purchase. It’s also a good idea to stick to models where you are not required to replace parts on a regular basis. Remember that not all vacuums are able to clean walls as well as floors, so if this is a requirement, make sure you choose an appropriate model. And if you have a custom shaped pool make sure you choose a cleaner with a reverse gear that won’t get caught up in the corners.

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