Potassium Chloride Water Softener – Healthy Way to Purify Your Water

Don’t get confused with the term “water softener.” All water softeners that you may find in the market today are designed for one common purpose – to soften your water through eliminating the high level of dissolved minerals that flow along with it. However, you must also understand that there are several types of water softener that offer the same result. However, each has different base and produces various results.

The three most common water softeners are the magnetic, salt and saltless water softener systems like the potassium water softener.

Magnetic water softener is actually the pioneer system. But results of several experiments and studies conducted by researchers from universities of Mexico and the United States of America shows that magnetic water softeners may not be enough to totally eliminate the excess amount of calcium and magnesium carbonate of your water. The softening features of magnetic softener were very weak, that was why users were not able to see their expected results.

It is true that salt water softener works effectively in reducing the amount of dissolved minerals which cause the hardening of your water. However, it is still not the best option to choose. Putting some salt to your water may have negative effect to other people’s health, particularly those who needs to undergo a low sodium diet. The water that underwent this process of softening should not use to water your plants. It is certainly harmful to your plants.

The process of conditioning your water through potassium chloride is almost the same as the other water softener systems. But unlike the other two systems, potassium water softener does not have any harmful effect to your health as well as your plants. In fact, the water that was processed through potassium water softener system can improve the health of your plants. It nourishes them with potassium which helps plant grow better. This system is also perfect for people who need to maintain their low-sodium diet.

Well, this system may cost you a little more than the other softener systems, but many people that this price is reasonable considering its benefits to your health and to the environment.

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