Preserving flowers and using them

All love flowers and we all want to have them. Sometime, due to many reasons we can’t keep them in our house. Flowers, plants and herbs give stylish and elegant look to your home. You can experiment many things with flowers such as decorating your room, house,etc. There are wide ranges of flowers like roses, tulips, Daises, Iris, Lavender, etc. There are some flowers which are special to some regions and cannot be found on nay other parts of world. But if you want to find and go for different kinds of flowers, you can search them online. Some people love gardening and keeping flowers in their house is their passion.

The negative aspect of the flower is when you cut them or separate them from their roots they start drying up. You can preserve them for long period of time for any type of function or decoration. Preservation has started since colonial times and has been in demand till today. You can preserve flowers for some time for wedding, engagement or decorating your bedroom. Are there many methods and practices been done for preserving flowers? Using agents as sand, silicon gel or other type of homemade mixtures, can dry them. Drying flowers is a method which would help you in letting your flowers last for long in their original style and colour.

You can actually keep your flower young and alive for sometime with these simple methods. Chemical compound like glycerin is helpful for extending the life of a flower. Desiccant is a substance that helps in drying the flowers. You can use desiccant materials on flowers for maintaining their shape and colour effectively. Sand is also known as one of the best drying agent for preservation of flowers. The sand should be fine and should be salt free in order to preserve it.

Drying helps flowers to last long in their original shape, consistency and colour. For drying you should hang flowers upside down in batches. You can tie a rubber band or thread around the stem ends. You should place it in warm, dry place where the flow of air is good enough while the sunlight should not be there. Due to sunlight, the flowers loose its colour and dries faster. You can maintain it for couple of weeks; it would add a good decor in your room or any part of your house. Keep maintaining them by removing unwanted leaves and spraying them with hair spray or lacquer.

Dried flowers also serve as a decoration material in your house. You can keep these flowers in vases, candleholders as they add another ornament in your house. Dried flowers are sometime used for decoration of Christmas trees of any size. There are many crafts ideas available with dried petals or flowers. You can stick dried flowers’ petals on greeting cards or gifts for adding enhanced look with personal touch. Flowers like Lavender are used for cooking for great flavour in your dishes. Thus these flowers are helpful in variety of ways.

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