Principles of Vegetable Garden Design

In order to have a quality garden, you need to make sure that your vegetable garden design is up to par. Otherwise, your yields and the strength of your crops will diminish, which is counterproductive to the goals of any gardener. By following a few tips when designing your garden, you can set yourself up for future and prolonged success. These garden design tips can really be useful, as long as you actually implement them.

You want your garden to be as large as possible, while retaining the ability to easily tend it. Since you don’t want to walk around on top of your garden, you can only make it so wide, usually between three and five feet. Whatever is most comfortable for you should be pursued, but you can’t make the garden bed too small or you will have limited success. You also need it to be large enough to implement techniques like crop rotation. If you have a particularly long build, use that to your advantage when implementing your vegetable garden design.

What you plant in your garden is up to you. You don’t need to worry about any plant inhibiting another, so you can mix all types of vegetables and flowers together. Some people like to separate the flowers and vegetables, while others like to combine them in the same bed since they believe it increases the beauty of the garden. If you are more interested in yields and not the appearance of the garden, then you should focus only on growing vegetables.

Otherwise, it is good to plant flowers in your vegetable garden, as they complement the beauty of the growing crops very well.

Another major decision is whether to buy already growing crops and plant those or start from seed. By taking the latter route, you will have complete control over the growing and you can breed plants together at will to create interesting varieties of colors. This is certainly more advanced, but if you become proficient in doing this, the visual rewards will be more than worth it.

Besides the plants, there are many other things you can add to enhance your vegetable garden design. This includes ornamental statues and other stone figures. They should not be overused, but a few of them can work out really well, especially if some of your crops are not doing as well as you would like them to. The other things in the garden will distract you and other viewers from some of the lackluster crops. Even if all of your crops are doing fine, having some other items in your garden adds variety and boldness.

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