Problems People Face During Kitchen Renovation

Many times when people decide to renovate their kitchens, they do not realize that there are usually a few problems which could be experienced. There are many different decisions that people face prior to the actual renovation, such as securing financing, saving for the cash outlay for the renovations desired, deciding on how much should be spent on the renovation in total, or picking out the perfect cabinets. What most people do not consider is running into problems once the renovations have begun.

When renovating the kitchen there are many problems which can unexpectedly be revealed. Many times when tearing out the old appliances, cabinets and sink, the homeowner finds that all is not as expected, in some way. The homeowner could be surprised to find no flooring has been installed under cabinets, in which case a few changes or adjustments may need to be made. In this case, the cabinets must be a minimum of the same size as the previous cabinets or larger. Another alternative may be to install new kitchen flooring to include the area under the cabinets.

A homeowner may discover, unpleasantly, the present plumbing does not fit with the new sink, disposal or dishwasher. Another surprise could be that the plumbing is not up to present standards. Finding substandard plumbing is especially likely in older homes, or homes that have been added on to by a previous homeowner, who may have completed the renovations himself. In older homes, lead water pipes or lead solder may have been used. These pipes will need to be changed due to possible lead contamination of the water and lead poisoning of the family. This necessary change in plumbing may cost more during renovation for the new pipes and possible increased cost of labor for a plumber.

Homeowners may not realize how long the renovations are actually going to take. Eating out and ordering in can become an added expense to the homeowner, which may not have been taken into consideration when planning the budget for the kitchen renovation. A homeowner may not plan for enough time for the renovations to be made to the kitchen, before needing and wanting the use of appliances and sink. When planning to renovate a kitchen, always plan on extra time for unwanted surprises. In this way the homeowner plans to be without the use of the kitchen for a longer period of time than is necessary to complete the renovations and is delighted to have use of the kitchen prior to the time planned upon. Homeowners may also plan more effectively for the costs associated with not having use of the kitchen.

Electrical changes which were not realized upon planning for renovation of the kitchen may also be a problem. Having to make more electrical changes than previously planned for can be an added expense because of electrical parts needed as well as added labor charges from an electrician. There could also be outdated electrical connections and wiring in older homes. Depending on the safety of the electrical problem, ignoring unsafe electrical wiring could cause a fire and endanger the homeowner and family.

Planning for the unexpected when making any type of home renovations is important. Homeowners may wish to plan for 20 to 25 percent over the actual costs figured for unforeseen problems and expenses. Planning for an extra 3 to 5 days over the estimated time to complete kitchen renovations is advisable. When homeowners plan for the unexpected, renovations may be less stressful and be completed more smoothly than first expected.

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