Propane Fire Pits

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you should abandon your front or back yard and head indoors. If you have invested time and money into making your outdoor space an enjoyable place to be, it should be used whenever possible. If nighttime is a little too chilly, dark or even spooky for you, one option is to light up the night with a propane fire pit.

You may already be aware of fire pits and what they can offer homeowners that enjoy their outdoor space, but did you know that they come in a propane gas powered version? Propane fire pits provide all the warmth and comfort of a log fire pit, without the messy startup and cleanup that goes along with burning real wood. Lighting up logs and cleaning up afterward can deter people from actually making use of their fire pit, but the ease of using propane as a fuel source for your fire pit can be the difference between an outdoor accessory that you use all the time and one that you cannot be bothered with most of the time.

Propane gas fire pits start up in an instant. You simply push a button to ignite the gas. If you have ever used a propane grill before, the concept is roughly the same for a propane fire pit and a propane grill. A propane gas tank sits either underneath or a bit away from the fire pit. When the button is pressed, a valve releases the gas into the fire pit and ignites it simultaneously. The flame can then be controlled with a dial in order to reach a desired heat level.

When you are done for the evening and ready to head indoors, a gas fire pit can quickly be extinguished by turning the gas off, so you don’t have to sit around waiting for the fire to burn out naturally to make sure it poses no fire risk when you are ready to leave. Log fire pits don’t have this ability, leaving you stuck with a fire you can’t control.

Fire pits that are operated by gas, such as propane, are rated in BTUs – the higher the BTU, the hotter the fire can get. If you have lots of friends and family members that will huddle around the firepit, and want to be able to create a large, hot fire in your pit, you’ll want a model with a high BTU rating. Fire pits fueled by propane also sometimes have artificial logs or lava rocks inside the pit. These are purely aesthetic and are used to hide the gas element and simulate a more natural looking fire.

Propane or gas powered fire pits come in many designer styles that can be exceptionally beautiful and can really add to your outdoor and garden decor. You can buy fire pits in a variety of sizes and shapes, and with many decorative elements, and since there are many different options to choose from, gas fire pit prices will vary considerably as well.

However, whether you choose a model with a bold copper bowl or one with granite or travertine tiles on the edges, a small round fire pit or a more expansive rectangular version, a gas fire pit is a wonderful addition to any yard and can keep the party going long into the night.

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