Protect Your Home With an Electrical Panel Surge Protector

Not many people know this but a whole house surge protector is actually known as an electrical panel surge protector. Nevertheless, this piece will be an active agent in stopping the power surges from entering your home, from where the power lines come to your house, via the main electrical panel. While it may be tough to find these devices, you can find quite a few available on the internet market. Or you can even ring up your local power company and see the kinds of electrical panel surge protectors they have. When setting the high voltage wires in place during installation. It is always better to let a professional do the job as they know what they are doing and there shouldn’t be any injury. The job itself only takes about thirty minutes.

Then there is the issue of price, the prices are fairly reasonable and range in the low 100s the average device will cost you only about $250 USD. There are a many different varieties of electrical panel surge protectors that are available but the best selections are: Panamax, Intermatic, and Square D. You’ll read on where to locate the devices in just a minute, but for now remember that all these manufactures are highly respected surge protection companies that are experts in protection at the start of the problem.

Let’s start with Panamax. The Pananmax whole house surge protector sets up 2 systems that you can choose from. One has the wires coming out of the back of the device so that it is able to hook up directly to your service panel, while the other connects to the side if you need to connect the home to the surge protector besides the panel.

One thing to keep in mind is no matter which electric panel surge protection you get it matters entirely on how much space you have on your circuit board. In the end both devices achieves the same thing: whole ho use surge protection. The amount of voltages are 500V, this is the amount that the protector will let pass into your home, before it sees it as a surge and stops it. Each device is equipped with light and alarms to let you know it is still working. Pananmax offers house surge protection from meandering lightning, any issues arising from broken transformers.

Panamax offer their customers a 5 year warranty on any appliance bought and if anything happens they will install another one free of cost, as long as it is in the 5 year period.Also there is a $10,000 CEW that assures’ coverage for any damages that come from the surge suppressor weakening under the warranty. One last important thing to know about using whole house surge protectors is that they are not the all in all defenses against power surges. You should still consider to safe guard individual electrical devices with their own protection just in case.

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