Queen Futon Mattress

Nowadays, the idea of sleeping on a hard bed is an almost alien concept. After all, we have futons and mattresses to provide protection against hard concrete and comfort in their softness during sleepy time. Indeed, you can make your bed and enjoy it, too, thanks to futons and mattresses in our midst.


One of the most popular futon mattresses is the queen-sized type. Its standard measurements are 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width although the thickness will vary depending on the manufacturer. Usually, 3 inches is the thinnest while 10 inches is the thickest, with pricing strategies often based on said thickness. These dimensions of a queen-sized futon mattress are ideal for many types of individuals. On one hand, you have couples who like the sense of intimacy with a touch of sufficient space that it affords to them. On the other hand, you have individuals who like the space for their physique and sleeping habits.


Like conventional mattresses, queen-sized futons come in three basic types according to the materials used – conventional foam/cotton interior, the memory/latex foam interior and the innerspring interior. The cotton futon contains cotton filling although polyester and wool may be added in layers, which are great for year-round use. The memory futon are made of many layers of latex foam, which responds to the body’s movements. The innerspring futon have pocket springs wrapped in foam, which makes for a bouncy experience.

When choosing from among these types, think of the type of sleeping experience you wish to have during the night, the maintenance time necessary, and the budget. Just remember the general rule that the thicker the mattress, the more expensive it will be although it will also be more comfortable.

Popular Brands

There are many manufacturers of queen-sized futons, of which the more popular are Ameriwood, Beautyrest, Big Sleep, Elite, Gold Bond, Homelegance, Ikea, Jacquard, Premier, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Super EZ Sofa and Walker Edison.

Choosing the Best

Choosing the best queen-sized futon mattress boils down to personal budget, preferences and style. After all, you will lie down on it so it makes sense to satisfy your needs in a bed. Since queen-sized futon mattresses come in highly competitive prices, there is bound to be something in your price range. Thus, don’t despair if you cannot seem to find the one within your budget because it will be found, sooner than later.

Also, determine your preferences in terms of thickness, portability and foldability. The thicker the mattress, the more comfortable it will be although it may suffer in terms of portability and foldability especially when it is mounted on a folding chair or full-sized bed.

Price and Where to Buy One

Depending on the quality, queen-sized futon mattresses are priced from around $150 to $500. Of course, discounts are also available depending on the time of year you purchase the futon mattress. Consumers can purchase queen-sized mattresses from brick-and-mortar stores and online websites. Choosing which of these venues is better depends on the kind of service preferred, the range of products offered and the time available for shopping.

The queen-sized futon mattress will make anybody feel like a queen on the softest bed possible. No princess and the pea drama here – just comfort, convenience and style.

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