Quick Facts about Solid Oak Flooring

If you are considering using solid oak flooring in your home, here are several essential facts that you should be aware of.

Solid oak flooring can’t protect you from cracks.

For that matter, no variety of wood plank flooring can ever achieve that. It’s important to remember that you are using natural and not fabricated wood. As such, even though they initially started out with a tightly knit design, time – and all the other factors that occur with the passage of it – will gradually cause cracks to appear within the parquet pieces or between boards. Time causes your home’s solid oak flooring to contract or expand as well, depending on weather conditions and this would again result into more cracks and even staining as well.

Solid oak flooring can be used anywhere at home.

Actually, this is almost true. There are, however, two primary exceptions. One is that solid oak flooring and other natural wood flooring is not the best choice for below-grade areas like your home’s basement because of the high risk of moisture problems. For that reason, using wood flooring in full baths is ill advised as well.

You don’t need to use paste wax to make solid oak flooring shine.

Of course you do! Even if you have the best type of finish used with your home’s flooring, adding a layer of paste wax to improve your floor’s sheen never hurts. It may seem old-fashioned to do so, but again it doesn’t hurt to apply a layer of paste wax once in a while. Besides, it’s very affordable, quick to dry, and quite easy to repair. So what do you have to complain about?

When applying paste wax, remember to focus on stained areas so that you’re treating the wood and not the finish. Remember to apply wax in thin layers as well and buff diligently afterwords.

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