Reasons to Use a Roomba Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners revolutionized the approach of many to household cleaning. Keeping your home dirt-free is no longer a tedious, time-consuming and unpleasant task since a robot vacuum cleaner can do the job for you with a single press of a button.

There are many reasons why you may decide to get a Roomba vacuum. Apart from the obvious reason – it vacuums instead of you, a Roomba vacuum is very efficient in cleaning all hard-to-reach areas around and under furniture as well as corner spaces. All Roomba vacuum cleaners feature special sensors that keep them away from stairs and other potential drop-offs, so you don’t really need to worry for your little helper’s safety. Moreover one or two Virtual Wall devices come with every Roomba vacuum cleaner; using infrared beams, they prevent the vacuum cleaner of entering certain areas.

Each Roomba vacuum cleaning robot has different cleaning capabilities and features. Most of the robots are suitable for cleaning up to three rooms with one battery recharge and all have an automatic recharging system, so that the robot can find and dock on its base unit anytime its battery runs low.

Although each Roomba slightly differs in terms of power, they all efficiently clean various types of dirt, derbies, pet hair, spills and concentrated mess from both carpets and hard floors. iRobot’s robot vacuum cleaner range also includes several models that can capture and filter tiny bacteria and dust particles responsible for allergies.
Unique anti-tangle brush technology is used across Roomba robot vacuum cleaner product range. It prevents hair accumulation within the brushes of the cleaner as well as prevents robots of getting stuck in carpet fringes, cords and tassels.

In general, a Roomba vacuum is not likely to require any special maintenance; in any case, it doesn’t require more than the standard care needed to keep a regular non-robotic vacuum cleaner in good condition.

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