Recipes for homemade organic pesticide

You don’t necessarily have to spend lots of money on the latest organic pesticides for vegetables in your garden. Who knows if they will work 100% anyway. There are ways you can make homemade organic pesticides at home. These are some of the same formulas that you buy at your local nursery or garden center. Organic farming pesticides are often homemade by the farmers themselves because it often gets expensive buying the latest organic pesticide.

Garlic has been used for years by vegetable farmers and by people who have a home grown vegetable garden in their back yard. Insects don’t like the smell of garlic. You can buy an organic garlic spray in a bottle, but it is so much more economical planting a couple of cloves of garlic to help get rid of unwanted pests. All you need are a few cloves that will multiply into many bulbs so it is really worthwhile.

Here are a couple of recipes I have used which helps get rid of nasty insects and the results turned out really well.


Just add dishwashing liquid and mix it with some water. Shake this up and spray over plants like lettuce and cabbage. This will get rid of slugs. It won’t kill them, but they won’t enjoy the taste of the soap and they won’t be back for more.

Garlic and Chili Spray

This is an incredibly strong spray so don’t get too close! It will get rid of slugs as well.

Add a bulb of garlic, 4 red chilis, 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of dish washing liquid, 1 onion and 2 glasses of water
Crush everything up
Blend all the ingredients together and shake it up in a spray bottle
This is safe for all plants, except close to harvest it might leave a slight peppery taste
Buttermilk and Flour Spray

This is great for worms.

You will need:

1 glass of water
2 tablespoons of dish washing liquid
1 tablespoon of paraffin
1 bulb garlic, chopped
Soak the garlic in the paraffin overnight.

Blend everything together and shake up in a spray bottle.

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